February 2019

  1. Are Moving Blankets Washable?

    Are Moving Blankets Washable?
    Once you have invested in an item like a moving blanket, it is in your best interest to take care of it. Now, if you are planning to clean and wash your moving blankets, what are the things you must know? As a premier moving supply company, allow uBoxes to guide you. But, are moving blankets washable? The answer to...
  2. Labels For Boxes

    Labels For Boxes
    Imagine your essential items get disorganized and folded when moving. Prepare ahead of time and get the essential moving supplies to organize your move. Labels for boxes are cheap and can help you identify the contents of the boxes very quickly. You don’t need to experience to lose an item you have not unpacked yet. Our packing labels or tape are...
  3. Moving and Storage

    Moving and Storage
    Are you having some trouble in organizing your things from one location to another? Or you find your living space all messed up because of bulk items? If yes, moving kits are what you need. Moving kits are an essential item whenever you plan for moving or storing items. So, we offer you our moving products that you can use...

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