May 2019

  1. Buy Kitchen Packing Boxes

    Buy Kitchen Packing Boxes
    Packing the kitchen is easy when you have the right kitchen packing accessories. uBoxes carries a full line of kitchen boxes and kits. Foam inserts and dividers protect dishes from breaking while moving or in storage. Choose from small boxes, glass dividers, and kitchen moving kits that include boxes and packing materials.
  2. Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving

    Affordable Mattress Covers For Moving
    Save on mattress bags at uBoxes Spring plastic mattress cover sale. Buy one and get one free (BOGO) for King, Queen, Full, or Twin mattresses. Cheap plastic mattress covers keep your bedding clean while moving or storing your mattresses.
  3. Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving

    Color-Coded Carton Sealing Tape To Organize Moving
    Organize your move with SmartMove room tape. Choose from 1-4 bedroom tape moving kit to color coordinate your boxes with the names of the rooms on the brightly colored tape. Whether unpacking yourself or hiring moving labor the room destination will be clear on the boxes. Having a room chart to provide all helpers will aide in the unloading of the truck and keep each room organized to start unpacking while saving time to start enjoying your new home, office, or apartment.

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