Reviews of the Competitor's Kitchen Moving Boxes

      Kitchen moving boxes are a very important part of packing the Kitchen and more specifically your fragile Dishware. The main difference between these boxes and others is the increased strength.

      If you do a search for “kitchen moving boxes” you will find several different results.

      Moving Day Boxes, Boxes Below Cost, Moveout, Moving Box Center, are all the same companies so if you have seen one you’ve seen them all. They have probably the most unusual Kitchen box because instead of the industry standard Double Wall strength theirs has a weaker 44 Edge Crush Test. Now the 44 ECT is stronger than the 32ECT of a typical moving box, however, the moving industry uses and recommends the Double wall so, you’ve got to BE CAREFUL with these boxes.

      Additionally, their Kitchen box is 18x18x22 so it’s about 27% smaller than Uboxes’ Kitchen box. The good news is they do offer eight on a package so you do get more per package for $43.82

      Overstock is a Smart Pack affiliate too so they have the same weaker 44 ECT strength as those above but they offer six in a package for $38.99.

      Online organizing is also offering the 44 ECT box in a six pack but for $36.30. It would be very surprising if this in fact was the real price because these are the old rates before a recent price increase. So be doubly careful 1) of the weaker box strength and 2) the price.

      Shopping at MSN is an unusual site because they don’t seem to offer any products for sale and they actually only offer one review of Kitchen boxes. So you can’t actually buy anything here and you only see one review so save your time and move on.

      The Uhaul Kitchen moving box is the on actual Kitchen box that is the standard that the moving professionals use. It is $5.45 each plus shipping and handling and sales tax.

      A special note is if you also do a search for “kitchen boxes” you will find similar results but with a couple of websites that sells camping gear and some decorations so you might skip on by those.