Reviews of the Competitor's Medium Moving Boxes

Medium moving boxes are something that all moving box companies offer but they range in size and price. To help you find cheap moving boxes we've reviewed the competitors for you to save you time and money.

If you do a quick Google search for the keyword "medium moving boxes" these are the companies you get.

Moving Day Boxes, The Box Guy, Move Out, Box Quest, and Direct Moving Boxes, and Home Bulletin are all the same company, and they offer a medium that's slightly smaller than Uboxes. It's 18x14x12 and comes in a pack of 20. This may not seem like much but an entire package of these moving boxes equals about 7% less cubic feet. Additionally, the cost of $43.82 is about 3% higher than our prices. This means that the cost per square foot is almost 11% higher than

These packing boxes are shipped in a Master box (similar to ours) and they say it can be used for packing Mirrors and Pictures, but our experience is once a box has been shipped it has deteriorated quite a bit so be careful about packing your fragile wall items in it.

PacKing is a little confusing because they advertise having the "industry standard" 3.0 Cubic feet medium moving box. We think they are describing the 18x18x16, however, several times on the site it advertises the medium as 16x16x18. Regardless, the price of $2.99 per or $59.80 for 20 is really expensive. Plus that doesn't even include shipping. This will add at least $12.50 to the shipping. It's hard to rationalize how spending $72 makes sense unless it's a magic medium box. Which would make sense since magic is the only way you get 3 Cubic Feet out of 16x16x18. is an affiliate for several companies including The only company that hasn't been reviewed previously is Used Cardboard Boxes. They offer a unique concept in that they sell used boxes - you would think you are buying cheap moving boxes. You don't know exactly what you get each time so it's nearly impossible to price compare. Some examples are 20x14x12 and 24x15x10. The 20 medium moving boxes you get for $41 seems in the ball park you just have to determine if you want used packing boxes for the price of new ones.

Boxes Delivered has the smaller 18x14x12 size in a 10 pack. The price per packing box is higher at $32.99 plus shipping on top of that. If you order $75 or more of moving supplies you receive free shipping, except in states on the west coast. It's hard to imagine a scenario where it doesn't make sense to just buy a 20 pack of mediums for $41.50 and get the free shipping, but you never know.

Uline's medium box is a little bigger at 18x18x16, bundled in 20's and costs $1.31 per box plus shipping and handling. Once you add in the cost to ship the price is a little more expensive than most competitors at around $42-$45. Plus sales tax applies to AL,CA,FL,GA,IA,IL,MN,NJ,NY,PA,TX, & WI. You might find the larger medium size appealing, and in certain circumstances, it could be. Keep in mind that medium moving boxes are the primary box you'll be packing with and since weight could be an issue with heavy items, especially in the Kitchen, if your boxes are too big they'll get too heavy.

Uhaul's medium box is also 18X18X16 but the main difference is how the price is structured at $2.35 per box. A bundle of 20 costs $47 with free shipping. If you order less make sure you at least order $25 worth of moving supplies or they'll ding you with shipping charges. Plus you'll pay sales tax on top of that - so you're really looking at over $50.

Because Medium moving boxes are the most important packing boxes you'll be using it is critical you find the right fit. If it's to big you'll pay for it with a stiff back the day after moving day. If they are too small then you might as well call your mediums...smalls.