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Find Alabama Moving Services

After the sale of your home or a rental lease is expiring it is time to plan your move.  With a hectic work schedule and keeping up with the kids after school activities and pets, it is no wonder moving takes a back burner in priorities.  Find all the Alabama moving choices right here.  Perhaps you want a full-service move or you are relocating out of state to be closer to the in-laws, or you are going to do a DIY move to save money to move across town.  The moving services you choose are based on individual needs.  Get a full-service company to help you plan your move or perhaps hire a labor service company to help you get your rental truck packed and unpacked.

Get Alabama Moving Quotes

You may want to get a couple of different Alabama moving quotes to decide which services fit your budget.  Start by accessing your home, apartment or office to decide what furniture and possessions you will be taking with you.  This will help you figure out how many boxes and packing supplies you will need.  To make it easy you can start by looking at Uboxes moving kits to see how many boxes come with the number of rooms you have in your residence.  Moving companies can provide you a local moving estimate and then you can compare renting a truck and hiring moving laborers to help you pack and unpack.  You may require storage or moving and storage.   All these choices are available once you have your moving plan.

Review Your Moving Service Companies

No matter who you intend to hire to move your household be sure to do your due diligence.  Make sure the moving company and moving laborers are licensed and insured.  Read your proposal carefully before you sign any documentation to see what is covered and if necessary check with your insurance company to see if heirlooms or other important items such as a piano, artwork, or other valuable items are covered.  You may want to purchase extra insurance for anything of value.  Don’t forget to ask family and friends for referrals and who they used when they moved.  You can get information on moving companies from your State, BBB, and Chamber of Commerce.  Always do your research just like you would purchasing a home or signing a rental contract.  After all, you spent good money on your furnishings and possessions so make sure the company you hire will be in good hands.