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Colorado Moving Services Local and Long Distance

Hiring a moving service in Colorado is simple when you do a little due diligence up front it saves time and money in the long run.  First, locate the services you will need for your upcoming move and then do some due diligence on your moving services providers.  Make sure they are properly licensed and insured in Colorado and Federal licenses such as an MC number.  Sometimes companies perform background checks for employees, provide uniforms and commercial liability insurance.  Be sure they have workman’s comp in case a worker is injured on the job.  Make sure your proposal is detailed so there is no miscommunication later on.  Check to see if travel fees are included in your moving estimate and if not ask the directions your mover will be taking if they are charging by the mile.  Always ask for discounts if you belong to a certain group such as Senior or Military.  Sometimes the day you book can make a difference since many people move on the weekends and during moving season.  If you have expensive items always ask how experienced are the movers are and their packing abilities.  If you have furniture that needs to disassembled and then assembled again make sure they have the right crew to put things back together again.

Hiring Local VS Nationwide Movers 

It is time to decide if you need local or Nationwide Movers.  It depends on how far some local movers are willing to drive.  Some local movers will drive up to 100 miles and others may stay within a 50-mile radius.  Some phone calls will help you determine your local market.  Today many people want to support local businesses that may even save you money without all the expenses a national mover may incur.  On the other hand, national movers may have the more modern equipment necessary for your move.  You may want to explore both options to see which moving company is a better fit for your move.  Some moving companies provide temporary storage services if you need short term storage.  Be sure to check all these options and make sure everything you agreed upon is in writing.  The expense of a Relocation move is based either on mileage or per man hour.  Be sure to have move day and timeline of your move in your moving contract. 

Colorado Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies

Ask questions related to your upcoming move to find out if the movers supply Colorado moving boxes and packing supplies.   Other moving necessities include moving blankets, dollies and a truck lift.  Will you have to pay extra for these items to help you move?  It is important to have the same sized boxes for stacking your household goods for better support and to organize the truck in the most efficient manner.  Imagine if you have all different sized boxes then they will not fit neatly in a stack or perhaps are the right ETC strength for moving to support the boxes on top of each other.  When packing the truck be sure the truck’s weight is evened out with the heavier items such as mattresses, appliances, and heavier gym equipment is packed toward the back of the truck.  Make sure to load boxes that are first open either in your car, or right up front when you open the moving van, container, or rental truck.