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Top Tips for Moving to Connecticut

Our tips for moving to Connecticut is designed to reduce the stress regardless if you are relocating to or out of this great state. The first step for an organized move is to create one list for the tasks and another for the supplies. Make a task list based on the priorities and put the date for tasks completion right next to each one. The following is an example of tasks you will need:

  • Change of address with the local post office

  • Contacting utility companies of both locations to disconnect service in the old residence and open an account for the new destination

  • If you have children, contact the school district for the transfer process

  • Make all arrangements for moving your pets as well. Remember the animals can feel a major change is happening and become very anxious

  • Make an inventory list of all major household items and clothes to be packed with the estimated moving supplies necessary for each room

  • For moving companies, browse through our list of the approved movers and call more than one vendor for a free estimate

  • When ordering moving boxes and packing supplies take advantage of our free moving supplies program to receive your supplies delivered to your doorstep

  • When it is the time for packing, you can either pack everything yourself or contact one of the labor moving companies to assist you in professionally packing of your entire home

Finding Moving Companies in Connecticut

Finding a good moving company in Connecticut is depended on your needs and the moving strategy on how you choose to move. The need analysis will help you to figure out if you need a full service moving company or limited services will be sufficient. The full-service movers in Connecticut will supply everything necessary for your move including labor, trucks and temporary storage if necessary. Hiring a full service moving company will prove beneficial when moving larger households with heavy furniture, piano, and appliances. For smaller household, apartment and studios you can start with receiving our free moving boxes and supplies in Connecticut by simply using the services of one our approved moving companies.

When it comes to packing, our Moving Labels are a great tool in organizing your moving boxes based on the rooms each box belong to. Also, make sure to mark the boxes you need to open first in the new destination. This could be the boxes containing toiletry, medications, first aid or few pots, pans, plates and silverware for a limited cooking.

Relocating to Connecticut

The State of Connecticut was originally a Dutch territory and although is a small state it had a notable influence in art, history, culture, and politics. The small coastal town like Mystic has been a great destination for traveler and couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway. The Colonial architecture in the Olde Mistic Village in combination with the unique shops and fantastic seafood restaurants is worth a trip to Connecticut by themselves.

Another example of Connecticut’s influence in the art and culture of this country is the famed Glass House designed by Philip Johnson. The Glass House and its designer pioneered the minimalistic building designs and influenced many architects with departing from the Colonial to more industrial designs using glass and steel.

Lyman Allyn Art Museum

Since 1926 the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in the New London, Connecticut area has been the home to some of the most impressive art collections in the region. The collection is a tasteful mixture of the 17th century European and the 29th century American paintings and artworks. The Lyman Allyn Art Museum occupies over 10 acres of luscious landscape better known as The Sculpture Trail. The museum also offers 9 galleries showcasing different art and culture from Europe, America and non-western artists.