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Relocating to Washington DC

DC is the capital of the United States and the home to most important governmental institutions like the Congress and White House as well as some of the world renown museums. Consider the following information when relocating to the Washington DC area or as formerly known the District of Columbia, Washington:

Living Expenses- Relocating to the Washington DC could be an expensive proposition depending where you are moving from. Moving from New York City to Washington would be a cost-effective venture while this could not be true if relocating from the most other states. With the New York City, Honolulu and San Francisco on the top 3, the Washington DC is ranked number 10 in the Cost of Living Index in the United States.

Taxes in Washington DC- Although Washington District is not a state but it has the District taxes along with all federal taxes. The income taxes in DC are in a form of a progressive tax level based on the income. The property taxes are very low, fifth lowest in the nation, and a sales tax of 5.755 is imposed on all purchases.

Packing Tips for Uboxes’ Boxes

After you receive packing boxes from Uboxes, use the following tips from our moving experts to reduce the damages to your belongings during the transport.

  • Make sure the moving boxes you have received are sufficient to pack everything. A simple solution is to put boxes in the rooms they belong and then eyeball if everything will fit in those boxes. Remember you need lots of room in the boxes for packing materials for fragile items like wrapping paper or bubble cushioning wrap.

  • Use Moving Kits from Uboxes based on the number of the rooms in your house. These kits are put together by moving experts and they also contain packing supplies.

  • Wrap all fragile items carefully. Wrap each one either with layers of the packing paper or bubble roll

  • Make a bundle of the fragile items by first wrapping them individually and then putting them together with additional layers of the bubble rolls or wrapping papers

  • Dishes are more at risk of breaking if packed flat inside the moving boxes. Pack them on their side and separate them from other items by putting some crumbled packing papers or balls of bubble cushioning wrap.

  • Put all heavier items in the bottom of the moving boxes and the lighter items toward the top.

  • The empty spaces in the moving boxes increase the risk of breakage during the move. Fill the void area with bubble pouches or make balls from the bubble cushioning wraps with packing tape around them.

  • For an easy unpacking, make sure items for each room is packed in their own designated boxes and try to avoid packing items from different rooms in the same box.

  • Label each box according to their specific room destination. Uboxes’ color-coded moving labels or moving tape makes labeling the boxes easy.

  • Taping the boxes correctly is crucial for a damage free move especially when packing heavier items. Secure the bottom of the moving boxes with one tape in the middle and two more tapes to secure the middle tape to the box.

  • Secure the picture frames, mirrors, and art collection by wrapping them in a layer or two of the bubble cushioning wraps and secure them in Uboxes’ picture moving boxes.

Moving Companies in Washington DC

The rent and housing expenses are most probably much higher than where you used to live. Consider downsizing by reducing your household belongings before calling the movers. The simple cost of a 2 bedrooms rental apartment is much higher than renting a large house in most other states. This is why getting rid of all your duplicated and unnecessary items should be the first step for you. You can simply sell all unwanted items through a garage sales or donate to charities.  Uboxes even has garage sale stickers to organize your moving sale.

Finding a good moving company is perhaps the most crucial step when moving to Washington DC. While there are some companies specialized in moving between New York and Washington DC the cost of moving to and from other destinations varies based on the distance as well as the contents of your house.

Rule of thumbs is to obtain a minimum of 3 quotes from reputable companies and avoiding the movers who will give you quotes over the phone. Doing your due diligence in this step will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Ask family and friend to refer movers and use the internet along with the websites like Yelp for reviews of these companies. Uboxes offers a list of local and interstate moving, storage and moving labor companies in the page titled Get Free Moving Boxes. Using these vendors services may entitle you to receive rebates to ultimately end up with free moving boxes.