Reviews of the Competitor's Small Moving Boxes

It is tempting to think that you will not need Small Moving Boxes and you would be better to get larger boxes, however, in your attempt to find discount moving boxes don't overlook the importance of the small box. Heavy and dense items just scream for a smaller box so keep that in mind when you shop for moving supplies.

A search on Google for "small moving boxes" brings up several results from companies that don't sell small moving boxes. For example Box Quest, Moving Day Boxes, Moving Box Guy, and Direct Moving Boxes all no longer carry Smalls. Why? Who knows exactly, maybe they don't sell well, maybe it's too costly to carry an inventory of multiple product lines. Maybe because their Mediums are smaller they feel it's unnecessary. Regardless, the Small Moving Box is an important part of almost any move so if you think this is something you will need for your move then you need to shop elsewhere.

Boxes Delivered offers a small box that is 16x14x10 and comes in increments of ten for $17.95. Most companies sell this box in packages of 25 so if you only need 10 this is your place to shop. However, if you buy 25 the price is $44.88 plus shipping and handling. Unless you order over $75 worth of moving supplies and then it's free. (Unless you live in CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ, UT, ID, MT, WY, CO, NM then it's a flat $35 fee.)

Home Bulletin is a 100% advertiser supported search and directory website which must explain why when you click on their Small boxes page that none are to be found. You are probably not going to find what you are looking for here.

Uline carries small moving boxes which are 16x12x12. Interestingly, these were designed years ago to carry records. These are great boxes if you have a record collection that you need to move. They come in bundles of 25 and are 77 cents before shipping and about $35 after shipping. Don't forget about sales tax in about 10 states.

Uhaul offers the 16x12x12 Small box as well which can be purchased individually for $1.70 per box and with free shipping when you purchase over $25 in moving supplies. Or buy a bundle of 25 for $42.50 and because they have locations in all 50 states you need to consider sales tax.

USA Box Co offers a small box that is 16x12x10 and costs $1.79 per packing box plus Shipping & Handling. You can buy their bundle of 18 for $29.99 plus S&H. Shipping is free if you order $99 or more in packing supplies.