Reviews of the Competitor's Wardrobe Moving Boxes

      Wardrobe moving boxes are named for their primary use that is moving and storing your hanging clothes. All of the companies that sell these packing boxes agree that the convenience of this box is worth the small investment. It comes complete with a hanging bar to maintain your clothes condition, coats and gowns are also easily transported and stored. With shoes in the bottom a guy could possibly move his entire closet in one box with room leftover. Searching for Wardrobe Boxes you find several different options.

      Boxes Delivered sizes are a bit unclear, under kits the sizes are stated to be 21”x18”x36” and but in the box bundles it says they measure 24”x24”x46”. The price for a quantity of four of these wardrobe boxes is $79.95. This is a little different then most companies which bundle in threes, however, even with free shipping the cost is about $20 per wardrobe box.

      PacKing sells the wardrobes individually which isn’t that common. They have two different sizes but one thing to take note of is there appears to be missing a dimension. They have 2 sizes, 24”x45” and 18”x 42”. It is hard to say for certain if it is the length, the width or the height that is missing. Is it 2” wide or 200” wide? The price is $9.99 plus shipping for the smaller box and $14.99 for the large wardrobe box. There is something very cool about this site though, if you look carefully you can translate the text into different languages. So it would appear that they have the Mongolian market cornered!

      One of the many Smart Pack affiliates is Moving Day and they sell wardrobe boxes quite similar to ours - 24”x24”x40” with a 44ect is the strength. It’s important to note that this company says its box is double strength which does NOT mean that it is double walled. It simply means that it is not the standard 32ect. Cost for these moving boxes are $43.82 with free shipping.

      Home Depot sells the “Shorty Wardrobe” box bundle which has nothing to do with the height of the movers. Instead it means the wardrobe box is sized at 24”x20”x34” which is slightly shorter then a typical wardrobe box and sells for $60.50 for three of them. The good news is that this price does include shipping. The bad news is you need to add sales tax.

     The company with the largest selection of these packing boxes is by far Uline. They sell wardrobe boxes in 3 sizes 24”x20”34”, 24”x20”x46”, and 36”x21”x10”.

     The first two sizes are traditional wardrobe boxes with hanger bars and cost $11.64 and $7.64 respectively. Each of these bundles contains three boxes and do not include shipping, handling, and sales tax.

      The third size box is designed to carry your clothes flat. This is kind of like a dresser drawer but you leave your hangers on in the box. This box comes with 10 in a bundle and costs $3.42 per box plus shipping, handling, and sales tax.