Reviews of the Competitor's XL Moving Boxes

Extra Large Moving Boxes are really only to be used in limited circumstances. You can't fill them up with just anything because the box will get too heavy to carry. So give some thought to what you will be putting in your XL Moving Boxes before you buy them.

The affiliates like Box Bundles and Box Kits have an Extra Large moving box that is 23x23x16. This is just slightly larger than ours XL but it's priced at $43.82 so they are more expensive too.

Boxes Delivered niche seems to be movers who are looking for boxes in small increments. Their XL large bulk packs are sold in five's at $28.99 and are 28x20x18. This is a pretty big box but I don't know if it merits the high price tag of $57.98 plus shipping. To determine what your shipping would cost review the Small Moving Boxes competitors corner.

Home Bulletin is advertising the Smart Pack products so it is offering the same 23x23x16 Extra Large Moving Box as Move Out and such.

Over Stock offers the same 23x23x16 box as many of the competitors but at a $41.99 price. This is a little unusual since the same company is doing order fulfillment as the dozens of other affiliate sites.

Apartment Ratings has a subpage called Oh My Apartment that has a webpage on the topic of moving boxes but they don't actually sell Extra Large Boxes (or any boxes for that matter.) They do offer some suggestions on where to get cheap moving boxes - but we'll save you some time because I'm sure all movers have already thought of these. Some examples: Neighbors, Trash, Craigslists, and other Websites

XL Moving Boxes from PacKing is 22.5x22.5x20.5 which is also a good size box and runs around $4.99 each. The best thing about this company is you can buy one box at a time. If you only need the one XL box then buy it from these guys, but don't forget you have to pay shipping fees too. However, if you are buying a bundle of ten then it's $49.99 plus $10-$15 in shipping so watch out.

Uline has two different X- large boxes 1) is 22x22x22 and runs about $2.13 / box and another 24x24x18 which is $3.02. Neither prices include freight, and we say freight because these moving boxes are too big to ship normal UPS ground. This could add significant costs to these bundles so be careful.

Uhaul has an Extra large moving box that is 24x18x24 and runs $3.75 each. You have to pay shipping fees if you don't buy $25 worth of moving supplies and you'll pay sales tax too.