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  1. Bubble Cushion Wrap for your Move

    Bubble Cushion Wrap for your Move
    Bubble cushion wrap is a great choice for keeping your belongings completely protected from scratches, breakage, dents, and other surface damage. If you are still not prepared for your move and you are worried about your packing process with bubble rolls, then you have come to the correct place. At uBoxes, you can discover a few tips on how to pack with bubble cushion wrap and what items are ideal for this type of packaging material. Ensure the safety of your most valuable items with bubble cushion wrap until they arrive safely at your new home.
  2. Helpful Tips Moving Into Your New College Dorm Room

    College dorm life can sometimes become a real challenge when it comes to packing your belongings and taking them to your next educational adventure. You might think that this can be a really stressful process at the beginning. Making your big move into a dorm room doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. Here at uBoxes, we not only help make your transition more exciting and less stressful, but we also provide a few tips on how you can have a happy move. Learn more about our dorm college packing tips so you can be prepared for your college move-in day.
  3. 5 Easy Ways You Can Recycle Corrugated Boxes

    5 Easy Ways You Can Recycle Corrugated Boxes
    Discover 5 easy projects for recycling boxes post moving. Children can hours of fun with corrugated boxes for many projects found on Pinterest or other internet searches. Recycled boxes are eco-friendly and can serve a purpose with a little imagination. Get creative with Halloween costumes, picture frames, race tracks, and more. A little imagination can turn a rainy day into a fun day!
  4. Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!

    Tips For Moving Out Of A Rental!
    The time to move out of your rental has come and whether you're moving into a new home or another rental property, this can be an exciting yet stressful time. Here at uBoxes, we not only believe in providing some of the best quality moving products but helpful tips that can aid YOU in successfully moving in or out of your home. Rental properties are no different, it's still a lot of work you must do and think about doing before you can just leave and we've made it our mission to help you!
  5. When Is The Best Time To Move?

    When Is The Best Time To Move?
    Moving season is coming to an end which means less business for moving labor companies, but oftentimes individuals wonder whether the best time to move is during the peak season or after. Here at uBoxes, we encourage people to move throughout the year especially outside of the busy season if they're interested in saving money and finding the best deals on homes and services.
  6. Moving In The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Moving In The COVID-19 Pandemic
    We know times are hard and moving is already a hassle within itself but moving in the midst of a global pandemic is even more stressful and can literally take a toll on your health. Here at uBoxes, we strive to provide the safest and most effective move for you and your family. Whether you're hiring a moving company or you decide to tough it out and pack everything yourself, we've got you covered with everything from moving tips, boxes, supplies, kits, and a 10% off coupon code on ALL our hand sanitizers and face masks. This ultimately ensures your move is as successful and safe as possible with little to no interaction from anyone other than your family.
  7. uBoxes Made The Inc. 5000 List!

    uBoxes Made The Inc. 5000 List!
    With many companies consistently competing to be put on the Inc 5000 list of the most prestigious and fast-growing companies every year, Inc magazine released its catalog and uBoxes made the list for the first time. Ranking at No. 4,832 and just a three-year revenue growth of 59%, uBoxes acknowledges this achievement as a prestigious and memorable one. The list highlights most American independent small private-owned companies that are vastly expanding every single year and uBoxes, LLC is nothing short of that! In the meantime, this company will be working twice as hard to make the 2nd year in a row achievement come 2021.
  8. Pack Smart, Move Smarter

    Pack Smart, Move Smarter
    Make moving easier with our moving box kits that are efficient for college students, teachers, homeowners, businesses, and even civilians transitioning to veterans in the military. Most moving kits contain moving supplies for up to 10 rooms. Moving Box Kits come in various shapes and sizes for all your basic needs and if that's still not enough we have a create your own segment where you can pick and choose what boxes and supplies better fit your desires.
  9. Moving Supplies: A True Checklist

    Moving Supplies: A True Checklist
    From items such as bubble rolls, packing tape, moving blankets, stretch wraps, moving dolly's, and sticker labels these items alone save the unnecessary stress of moving to and from your new home. Make life easier for you and all parties involved such as friends, family, or even the moving company you hired. With these supplies, you can be confident that your assets will be organized, free from scuffs and scratches, easy to transport, secured, and overall save you the headache of this new transition in your life. You can now take a deep sigh of relief. Whew!
  10. How to Protect a Mattress While Moving

    How to Protect a Mattress While Moving
    Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping? Since that's the case, it's almost detrimental that your mattresses are in tip-top shape, especially when transporting it to a new home. From a protective mattress cover to a mattress box, these two items will ensure the average person's sleep will not be disturbed and will keep its quality as good as new.