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Tips for Packing Your Kitchen
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Tips For Packing Your Kitchen

Anyone knows that when it comes to packing your kitchen it can be time-consuming and stressful at the same time. Packing your dishes and glassware properly with the correct packaging material can help prevent damage during transit. If you still haven't decided what type of packaging material you should use for your dishware, then consider a kitchen moving kit. Here at uBoxes, you will find some helpful tips on how to pack your kitchen properly and also avoid some common mistakes that we can make during the move. Explore here some of our professional tricks that can help you to save time and money packing your kitchen.
take all you need to your new college dorm room
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Helpful Tips Moving Into Your New College Dorm Room

College dorm life can sometimes become a real challenge when it comes to packing your belongings and taking them to your next educational adventure. You might think that this can be a really stressful process at the beginning. Making your big move into a dorm room doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. Here at uBoxes, we not only help make your transition more exciting and less stressful, but we also provide a few tips on how you can have a happy move. Learn more about our dorm college packing tips so you can be prepared for your college move-in day.
Recycled Cardboard Projects
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5 Easy Ways You Can Recycle Corrugated Boxes

Discover 5 easy projects for recycling boxes post moving. Children can hours of fun with corrugated boxes for many projects found on Pinterest or other internet searches. Recycled boxes are eco-friendly and can serve a purpose with a little imagination. Get creative with Halloween costumes, picture frames, race tracks, and more. A little imagination can turn a rainy day into a fun day!
Buy Moving Box Kits
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Pack Smart, Move Smarter

Make moving easier with our moving box kits that are efficient for college students, teachers, homeowners, businesses, and even civilians transitioning to veterans in the military. Most moving kits contain moving supplies for up to 10 rooms. Moving Box Kits come in various shapes and sizes for all your basic needs and if that's still not enough we have a create-your-own segment where you can pick and choose what boxes and supplies better fit your desires.

Buy moving supplies
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Moving Supplies: A True Checklist

From items such as bubble rolls, packing tape, moving blankets, stretch wraps, moving dollies, and sticker labels these items alone save the unnecessary stress of moving to and from your new home. Make life easier for you and all parties involved such as friends, family, or even the moving company you hired. With these supplies, you can be confident that your assets will be organized, free from scuffs and scratches, easy to transport, secured, and overall save you the headache of this new transition in your life. You can now take a deep sigh of relief. Whew!

Protect your mattress while moving
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How to Protect a Mattress While Moving

Did you know the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping? Since that's the case, it's almost detrimental that your mattresses are in tip-top shape, especially when transporting it to a new home. From a protective mattress cover to a mattress box, these two items will ensure the average person's sleep will not be disturbed and will keep its quality as good as new.

Moving Kits Sale
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Why Buy Moving Kits?

Buying a moving kit in the early stages of moving can be a cost saver. Saving money, gas, time, and last-minute guesswork on moving supplies is worth the while to plan your move early. Whether selling your home and staging it for buyers or packing away all unused items in advance, packing early will make your move more enjoyable. This will leave you time to tend to the last-minute details such as arranging for the utilities in your new destination as well as finding doctors, closest hospitals, schools, and shopping. Pack one box a day or plan a weekend to start packing. The more you pack now the less to worry about when moving day arrives.

How to Choose Moving Box Sizes
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How to Choose Moving Boxes

Moving is simple when you know the right size boxes and packing materials to move different items in the household. Choosing a uBoxes moving kit makes moving a breeze with several different size boxes to pack your household items. There is a full selection of specialty moving boxes including tv moving boxes, kitchen boxes, mattress boxes, and lamp boxes. If the item is larger than a moving box uBoxes also carries a full line of moving blankets for added protection.

Labels for Boxes
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Labels For Boxes

Imagine your essential items get disorganized and folded when moving. Prepare ahead of time and get the essential moving supplies to organize your move. Labels for boxes are cheap and can help you identify the contents of the boxes very quickly. You don’t need to experience to lose an item you have not unpacked yet. Our packing labels or tape are worth the cost. Unlike the typical labels on ...
Packing Boxes with moving labels
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Simple Tips for Moving – Practical Tricks to Help You Plan

Many are aware that moving is one of the leading things which pressures a lot of people the most. Many homeowners or renters have moved several times over the last years, and have tried to streamline it as much as possible. So to help you with your next move, we’ve outlined some of the practical tips and tricks you can use for your next move. Plan your packing and do not wait until the las...