Fragile Labels

Fragile labels help remind moving labors, movers or family members to handle the box contents with care. If you are shipping fragile items it alerts your local UPS, FedEx or USPS driver to make sure the boxes are safe and avoid dropping in transit. Fragile labels are peel and stick to boxes, kraft or poly mailers. If using fragile tape be sure to seal both ends with the sticky tape as a warning to be careful. People are generally more cautious when they see the words "fragile on the packaging" and handle with care.

  1. Protect Your Treasure while Moving with “Fragile Labels”

    Protect Your Treasure while Moving with “Fragile Labels”
    Fragile labels are actually pretty nifty when it comes to packing boxes for moving. They work in a simple way; you get your fragile and breakable items, have them packaged securely, and put a fragile label on the package. This way, you will be able to let anyone who handles the package know immediately that the constituents of the package are...

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