Storage Labels

  • Storage Moving Labels bright neon color
  • Pack of 50 adhesive stickers
  • Storage box labels measure 4½" x 1"
  • Label boxes for the attic, basement, and storage unit
  • Easy to identify the destination for each box

Storage Labels – Various Ways to Label Your Storage Boxes

Is your house-move coming this weekend? If so, it is simple to be disordered on how to pack all of your stuff. At its simplest, you must simply pack everything you can in your storage boxes. The larger objects which require two or more individuals to lift can be managed by those house-movers or whichever relatives or neighbors you bribed to assist. As for your boxes, it can still get very confusing at times. Which goes in which storage box? How do you divide and categorize the different stuff and the different storage boxes? That’s where storage labels from UBOXES come into action!


Color coding is considered as one of the most widely utilized ways to determine which storage box goes to where after the accomplishment of the move. You can employ this technique in countless ways. You can allocate a color to a particular room, particular ownership, or a particular item. You could even mix and match that system along with different labeling tricks. For example, you can employ a number system to allocate storage boxes to several bedrooms while employing a color system to divide different valuables which remain in the living area.


Another method to segregate your storage labels is through packing similar objects altogether. For example, you could put all the trousers in one storage box and all shirts in another. You might also prefer to split them according to whether they are essentials or not.

Another example would be; your toiletries are considered to be your essentials. Your gadgets are essentials too, including computers and laptops which you require for your regular work. You need to make sure that you keep different storage labels for them and no essentials. As a matter of fact, you could gain another box which might not have a place in your new location. After you are done with the move, you can consider about giving them to charity or just sell them through an online auction.


Did you know that putting numbers on to your storage boxes is another way to do storage label? Yes, you read that right. Simply put, you’ll need to determine what different numbers could denote. Only then will you be able to understand which storage boxes go where. For example, you can allocate numbers one to ten to include objects for the guest room. Whichever way you put it, it also offers an additional benefit: you can keep track of your storage boxes by understanding how many you have.

You need to remember at all times that when we talk about moving, many preparations are needed to be made ahead of time. Who assists you move your home? Who transfers your internet connection? When do you get the water and electricity going? Buying storage moving labels from UBOXES will save you from all that hassles. You can put these label boxes in your storage unit, basement, and attic. Available for very little, you’ll get 50 pieces. Shop now! 

More Information
UPC 810042159907
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Material Adhesive
Product Type Moving Blanket
Features / Highlights Adhesive Stickers, Organizational, Moving or Storage Labels
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.130000
Product Length 4.500000
Product Width 1.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Easily seen in dim lighting like in a basement or attic
Additional Information: Simple for all ages to use on storage items
Additional Information: Dust proof perfect for long time storage
Additional Information: Material of stickers will not tear
Additional Information: Capable of being seen on any type of storage container
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