12 Large Moving Boxes

  • Large cardboard moving boxes that are exceptional for lighter weight items
  • Bundle of 12 sturdy corrugated boxes that are moisture-resistant and structured with rippled air pocket cushioning
  • Large recyclable boxes with a dimension of 20 x 20 x 15" boxes with 32ECT strength
  • Easy to assemble, stack, and break down the same size moving boxes 
  • Large size boxes are good for packing blankets, linens, pillows, bedding, towels, and other household items 
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You and your hubby have finally decided to move the family from your three-bedroom bungalow to a much improved and much enlarged two-story, five-bedroom stone and brick dream home. No more cramped corners, fighting children sharing bathrooms, stuffed clothes in closets or stepping over each other in the tiny kitchen. You can already taste the open space, and can hardly wait for moving day! In the nine years, you have patiently lived in your current home, you have added four children, a cat, two small dogs, a hamster, and four fish. Each addition (human or animal) has added to your storage issues, collecting piles and piles of “essential” living items over the years. It’s time, once and for all to sort, organize, toss and clean from top to bottom. Knowing you have a big job ahead, you start with the most sensible thing to help you in the process – big moving boxes. Small boxes and large cardboard boxes, one box or bulk moving boxes, you find all your moving supplies at Uboxes.com. When your shipment arrives, you put everyone to work, clearing out their own spaces, and giving each family member two big cardboard boxes for packing the things they simply cannot live without. Everything that doesn’t fit in the big cardboard boxes is added to the appropriately marked “toss,” “donate” and “sale” piles. To your pleasant surprise, everyone cooperated, making this one smooth move! When the doors on the moving truck latch, you all turn to say your final goodbyes to the old house. One last run-through, and you hand the keys over to your realtor, who has found a new family to love the home just like you did. Hard to believe nine years sit in large cardboard boxes in the back of a van…maybe next time you’ll need two moving trucks!

More Information
UPC 810042152755
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Box bundles shipped flat, Single Wall with 32ECT and 65lbs weight limits, Regular slotted container boxes with creases for quick assembly, Boxes are eco-friendly and made of recyclable material, Great for packing, moving, and storage
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 25.600000
Product Length 20.000000
Product Width 20.000000
Product Height 15.000000
Additional Information: Moving items into storage? These boxes easily stack on top of each other just be sure to not over pack with weight
Additional Information: Keep moving boxes to around 40lbs so they are easy to lift, move, and stack on top of each other
Additional Information: Remember to use packing materials to fill in any voids in the boxes
Additional Information: These boxes are ideal for the college student. Remember to write your dorm room, name and school on the boxes
Additional Information: May be used for holiday decorations or other seasonal decorations for in and around the home
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