Small Bubble Roll - 175' x 24" Wide

Small Bubble 175' x 24" wrap with small-size bubbles 3/16" perforated every 12". Double the width. Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Moving Supplies: Small Bubble Cushioning 175' x 24"

Your grandmother is moving and operation “Clean Grandma’s House” is in full swing. You have traveled in to help the family sort and organize collectibles from 47 years! Unbenounced to you, Aunt Millie has nominated your family to take home the prized collection of glass elephants. They were prepared for your excuse of “can’t get it home safely” and had already ordered 175 feet of perforated bubble rolls and small moving boxes to assure sound travels. This massive assortment of long-nosed friends was going with you whether you liked it or not! As you sat by the corner hutch, dusting off piece by piece, familiar feelings of being a child and admiring this magical assembly of miniatures flooded your memory. Hours and hours of make believe passed so much time at grandma’s…naming your favorites, Elly, Bobo, Luna, Polly, Bella and Yuri…you quickly brought to mind those fond days of play. Initially, you felt a bit snubbed that Millie was strapping you with the responsibility of elephant keeper, but after your reminiscing, you’re glad to share these special companions with your children. Some of the same chips in the trunks or scratches in the ears remained from those childhood days – you remembered playing elephant doctor and bandaging their boo-boos. 

Today, you add a little extra care while you wrap these glass minis and carefully pack them into boxes for your trip home. As you look around the old house, you notice your siblings and cousins with their own rolls of bubble material, carefully swaddling the other collections and boxing away – each special to them. It was a great way to say goodbye to Grandma’s house but hold onto a piece of it for the years to come.

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