Green Bubble Small 3/16" Wrap 30' x 12" Wide

  • 30' x 12" wide Green Bubble Roll with 3/16" bubbles
  • Perforated every foot for easy wrapping and tearing
  • Manufactured of recyclable polyethylene material
  • Vibration and shock protection yet light and flexible for wrapping objects
  • Great packing solution for shipping gifts and retail goods

Green Bubble Cushion Wrap

Are ready for your upcoming residential move? Then, make sure you have uBoxes Green Bubble Cushion Wrap to help you reduce your stress during the shipment.

Moving from one place to another with easy-to-break items can be distressing. Luckily, Green Bubble Cushion Wrap can help you protect your fragile items. You will definitely love its interesting features to ensure that you are making your packing more efficient and safer. You would not like to see your favorite figurine to be broken into small pieces, right?

Green Bubble Cushion Wrap provides dependable packing advantages because of the provided best quality air-filled materials. When you consider this interesting product, you can be sure that you can experience the most secure and convenient way to protect your belongings during the shipment. It actually protects your items from breaking and scratching because of its ability to absorb undesirable vibrations and shocks while allowing you to keep them intact and safe.

On the other hand, you need to discover what makes uBoxes Green Bubble Cushion Wrap different from other bubble products.


Packing your things whenever you will go for travel or residential moving can cause you a few hours to ensure that all the necessary things are already complete and safe. With the use of Green Bubble Cushion Wrap, you only need a little effort and amount of time to accomplish your tasks.

Green Bubble Cushion Wrap is considered to be one of the best solutions to save time during huge packing tasks because of its easy wrapping and tearing features. As a result, you will require very little time completing the task.


When you are about to move into your new home, but you do not want to harm the items you are about to transport you can take advantage of the Green Bubble Cushion Wrap. Since it is made of high quality and recyclable polyethylene materials, you are sure that you are getting an eco-friendly solution. Apart from that, you may be able to use this Green Bubble Cushion Wrap several times during moving or shipping packages.


Even during long hours of transportation, you can be confident that your items are safe and free from any form of damage when packed properly. This is because the Green Bubble Cushion Wrap is known to be shock and vibration resistant. While you are on your way to your new residential area, you can simply be relaxed up to your destination. It is really a perfect solution where even your retail goods and shipping gifts are in a good place.


This 30” x 12” wide with 3/26” bubbles packing material comes with an attractive green color. So, you are not only making your shipping items safe all the time, but it can also create an aesthetic look.

When you are unsure on how you are going to keep your shipping activities safe and organized, you can simply opt for uBoxes Green Bubble Cushion Wrap to keep you worry-free. What are you waiting for? Buy Green Bubble Cushion Wrap now!

uBoxes 30-Feet Roll of Green Bubble Small 3/16" Wrap x 12" Wide

More Information
UPC 810042151376
Weight 0.400000
Size 30' x 12"
Product Type Bubble Cushioning
Material Polyethylene
Color Green
Additional Information: Keep bubble cushioning on hand for last minute packing and shipping
Additional Information: Green colored bubble adds a special visual quality to holiday shipments
Additional Information: Superior quality bubble protection will help your goods get to their destination unharmed
Additional Information: Be sure to pack the bubble side toward your fragile items for protection and tape secure
Additional Information: Great school supply product for students and teachers including craft projects
Features / Highlights Colored Bubble Roll, Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 30.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.187500
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