Deluxe Blankets 65lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Qty: Set of 6 deluxe furniture pads Blue Non-Woven
  • Size: 72" x 80"
  • Color: Blue/Light *Color may vary contact us for details
  • Blanket Weight: 5.42 LBS
  • Dozen Weight: 65 LBS
  • Deluxe moving blanket. Great moving blanket for professional movers and multiple uses.

Order Professional Moving Blankets Online

The kids have long moved out and most of the grandkids are grown. Sadly, their visits are fewer and fewer and your once crowded house has become bigger and quieter over the last two years. As much as you love the old homestead, the maintenance and upkeep are a little more than you can handle. After several family meetings, the decision was made to move you to a quaint retirement community in a neighborhood nearby. The kids sent out an email chain, and a moving party was scheduled (with a bribe of pizza provided). You’ve spent the last several weeks packing, organizing, throwing away, cleaning out, donating and tagging to sell, saving back your favorite, no-compromise items that must be on the moving truck. Talk about blood, sweat, and tears…you experienced them all going through the house as you were preparing to move! Most of the spare bedding is going to the sale, so finding durable coverings for furniture is essential for safe moving. You, being the tech-savvy little grandma you are, find a great deal on heavy duty moving blankets as you surf the web. provided your one-stop-shop for moving supplies, and super bargains on thick moving blankets to prevent dents and scratches once in the moving truck. When moving day arrived, everyone was impressed with your organization, supreme moving blankets, and other great online finds! The men provided the muscle, the women provided the support, and before long, you had a packed truck, ready to roll down the road. The final goodbyes were bittersweet…the old house sat empty, but lots of great memories to hold dear. Each child was there to bid it farewell and away you went to make new memories.

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Package size 24 x 18 x 24