Camouflage Moving Blankets 65lbs/doz (6 Pack)

  • Camouflage Moving or Utility Blankets
  • Pack of 6 woven polyester material utility blankets with zig zag stitching
  • Weight is 5.4lbs each or if buying a dozen 65lbs
  • 2" binding to keep edges from fraying
  • Rugged blanket to withstand moving and outdoor environments

Using Camouflage Moving Blankets for An Easier Move

Nothing is more irritating than spending thousands of dollars to cause significant damage to your stuff or health in the process. Using camouflage utility blanket can be helpful when it comes to preventing injuries, improving efficiency and keeping your possessions always in good shape. Often referred to as moving pads, it is best to have dozens of this item to protect your furniture from the risks of permanent damage.

There are many different moving blanket choices on the market including different qualities of fabric, stuffing, and stitching. One thing is common to these items is that they are available in dozens, 4-packs, and a single pack. These valuable items will help you protect your furniture from future damages.

Below are some techniques used by the professionals:

Using Camouflage Moving Blankets To Move Furniture Downstairs

There are other ways to move furniture besides carrying it to the moving truck. Some items are easier to slide out the door, across the door, and up into a moving truck. Coffee tables, credenzas, dressers and other furniture can be replaced on their sides with the help of a moving blanket.

Using Moving Blankets in Creating a Makeshift Ramp

Sometimes it is hard to carry furniture down the stairs. It is possible to use a moving blanket lining the stairs and laying the furniture on its side to slide slowly down the stairs.

Using Camouflage Utility blanket to Sling Unwieldy Items

From pottery wheels to mattresses, some items are hard to carry. One way to carry odd shaped items is to place the item in the middle of the moving blanket and two people to pick up the ends and carry the item safely to the destination. A camouflage utility blanket is a versatile item which can make it easier to move your furniture.

Types of Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are also called moving pads, furniture pads, packing pads and paper blankets. Regardless of its name, camouflage moving blankets are divided into three categories: Paper Pads, Moving Pads and Woven Moving Blankets.

  • Pro Moving Blankets

These cheaper blankets are made for one-time use and may be repurposed in the garage or household projects.

  • Furniture Paper Pads

Paper pads are made from 3 ply paper and may be secured with packing tape or draped over furniture and used again

  • Woven or Quilted Moving Blankets

If you looking for the most protection this type of blanket is heavier and the quilting keeps batting in place. Professional movers use them for their ruggedness and durability for many uses while maintaining their strength and protection.

Most consumers prefer stronger moving blankets for many purposes. Not only this item can offer a reliable service, but this can also be used for camping and hunting outdoor beside moving. If you are looking for a superior product the Camouflage utility blanket can outlast the Economy Moving blankets, and become more economical with each move or task. Many people rely on this item to keep their possessions from getting damaged during a move. They choose a moving blanket as their packing materials because it can be wrapped around chairs with ease, desks, and other furniture. uBoxes offers you with camouflage utility blanket solely designed to make your move easier and safe.  

More Information
UPC 810042151871
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Multicolor
Material Polyester
Features / Information Polyester material, Zig zag quilted, Double stitch binding, Size 72" x 80", Lightweight, Economical moving blanket, Wrap furniture or larger items, Secure with bands, rope, or tape
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 33.500000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Camouflage blankets come in handy for outdoor adventures
Additional Information: Great for picnics, tents, hunting, or camping in the great outdoors
Additional Information: Handy six pack of utility moving blankets to store in the garage, car, cabin or storage
Additional Information: Moving pads can even be used for music festivals and backdrops for art events
Additional Information: Great gift for the outdoorsy type person on any occassion
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