Medium Bubble Roll - 100' x 24" Wide

Medium Bubble Roll 100' x 24" Wide Bubble Roll with medium-size bubbles 5/16" perforated every 12". Double the width. Protect fragile items from damage while moving.


Medium Bubble Wrap 24"

You and your wife have become empty-nesters and the once loud and busy home of four boys is now quiet and spacious. A little too spacious…so you’ve decided to downsize. The youngest son moved only 72 miles from your driveway to his college dorm parking lot, so you found a well-kept, maintenance-free condo in the same town. Now you can keep an eye on his where-a-bouts almost 24/7! It took some convincing, but you were able to get all four boys back to help pack bedrooms, filling moving boxes with old keepsakes, sports equipment, clothes and shoes. Sorting through every item brings back sweet memories of them growing up, and sparks some comical conversation! Lining the hallway of the old house are school photos of each boy from kindergarten through high school graduation. You want to assure these travel safe, so you pull out the medium bubble wrap roll and layer each photo, taping them secure with your hefty packing tape. You have reserved four large moving boxes especially for these treasures. You stack the school portraits in chronological order and pack bubble wrap down into the empty spaces in the moving box. As you look down the now empty and sun-faded hall, you see where each frame hung, marked by a darkened paint rectangle and a tiny nail hole. Just as you feel your eyes begin to flood, you hear the familiar sounds of boys playing…a roll of bubble wrap is all they need to be entertained! Boys will be boys, no matter how old they get!

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