Medium Bubble Roll - 30' x 12" Wide

  • Medium Bubble Cushion Wrap 30' x 12" Wide
  • Medium-size bubbles 5/16" thick x 1" wide  with perforated sheets every 12"
  • Use when packing heavier fragile items to protect from breaking
  • Bubble rolls are available in 12", 24" and 48" widths
  • May be used for void fill in packing boxes

How to Pack Your Stuff with Medium Bubble Cushion Wrap?

After deciding to perform your next move, you are now staring in disappointment at the massive piles of personal belongings and household items which need to be organized and packed for transportation. It appears as if you are going to require the assistance of tiny arms of family and friends to get the job done efficiently and safely. Nevertheless, your frustration when we talk about packing might be a bit of a surprise.

Did you know that Bubble Cushion Wrap can help you the most when packing for your next move? You see: the air-loaded material offers the most hassle-free and easiest way of packing and safeguarding your belongings. It will protect your personal stuff from breaking, scratching and will enable you to get your things moved intact and safe. Are you now asking yourself how to use bubble cushioning wrap?

Learn How to Properly Use Bubble Cushion Wrap!

A lot of people are confused about the proper way of utilizing the bubble cushion when packing their items.

Bubbles Out or In

Most of you are asking if the bubbles should be facing in or facing out. You might have heard some controversial claims on that subject; however, the practice has confirmed the correct answer to this troublesome question to be inwards. You need to keep in mind that air sockets must face the object they’re proposed to safeguard:

  • The flat side is more robust for extra protection from external impact
  • The bubbled side can adjust to the precise shape of the item wrapped inside
  • The bulging air-filled hemispheres offer great cushioning and avoid damage to the object
  • The bubbled pattern aids holding the item in place

Therefore, you’re hypothetical to keep the bubbles in whenever packing with Bubble Cushion Wrap.

The Process of Packing with Bubble Cushion Wrap

If you’re packing your storage container or box, you like to make sure that the packing offers approximately 2 inches deep cushion between the box and the object. If you can discover any gaps in the storage box, fill them in with packing materials to avoid shifting of items in the box. Upon packing the item into the container box, tip it in your hands to know if the item still moves inside. If you see or hear any movement secure the items with more packing materials.

Package the Bubble Cushion Wrap strongly as you can. It’s always best to purchase a whole roll of Bubble Cushion Wrap. Doing this will ensure that you have additional material on hand, should you require it. Any excess bubble cushion may be used for shipping packages, storing fine china, or may be gifted to your favorite charity. At least you will not fall short causing damages to goods that are improperly packed.

Everything taken into consideration, bubble cushion is no doubt your best friend when packaging anything oddly-shaped, valuable, fragile or delicate. Apart from it, medium bubble cushion is an excellent moving stress reliever.  It’s popping sound is supposed to work magic for your mood and for your nerves. No other packaging essentials can feature such versatile and convenient uses. So make sure it’s always on your packing essential list!

More Information
UPC 810042159761
Weight 0.375000
Size 30' x 12"
Product Type Bubble Cushioning
Material Polyethylene
Color Clear
Additional Information: Watch UBMOVE packing videos on Youtube for proper packing tips
Additional Information: Superior bubble cushioning quality with easy tear sheets
Additional Information: Free shipping on all small, medium, and large bubble cushioning wrap
Additional Information: Lightweight packing material that does not add alot of weight for long distance moves
Additional Information: May be combined with newsprint for additional protection on extra fragile items
Features / Highlights Lightweight, Transparent, Perforated, Moisture and water-resistant, Durable and Elastic, Good insulation properties, Protective and Reusable, Easy to use
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Length 30.000000
Product Width 12.000000
Product Height 0.312500
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