Comes neatly boxed and includes:
1 GPS Padlock/Tracking Unit
1 Battery Charger and Cable
2 Lithium-ion Batteries
2 High Security Keys
1 Interactive ID- Key Duplication Card
5 Color Inserts for Key Identification
1 Bracket and 2 screws for securing the lock to the unit
Full 12 Month Warranty Full 12 Month Prepaid Subscription to the Web Application and Monitoring Service. A $119.40 Value!


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Protect your move with the truly innovative, the award-winning WatchLock® combines GPS and GSM technology with Mul-T-Lock's High Security locking to create a padlock that protects and communicates with you - no matter where you or your assets are. Ideal for protecting your moving boxes and furniture while you travel. Order today and receive the first year FREE monitoring plus additional info on using the locks for business and commercial applications to protect you high-value products.

Locks. Alerts. Secures.


WatchLock is an intelligent alarm locking solution combining High-Security mechanical padlock with advanced GPS-location system and GSM communication. WatchLock automatically notifies you when your assets are accessed, as well as your assets’ location.
Completely autonomous and battery powered, WatchLock can be used for a wide range of applications to provide you with the protection of places and property at offsite locations, on moving assets, remote heavy equipment and much more.
This award-winning innovation is the result of the collaboration between Mul-T-Lock and Starcom Systems; two industry leaders whose experience, professionalism and innovation ensure you’ll receive a high-quality, uncompromising solution for your real needs and peace of mind.
The ultimate gatekeeper — strong, smart and user-friendly — WatchLock is the first line of defense for your assets. Designed for outdoor conditions, WatchLock keeps you informed of what matters: when your assets have been accessed and where they are — allowing you to take action when needed. 

WatchLock® Benefits  

Get Real-time Information and Audit Trail — know what is happening to your WatchLock allowing you to decide when your attention is warranted; and receive full audit trail through a user-friendly web-based application

Define and Schedule your Alerts — based on your needs, define the information you want to be notified of

Flexible Communication Options — SMS, email and the WatchLock Online Application, allow you to choose how you’ll get alerts

Effective First Line of Defense — embedded with Mul-T-Lock’s patented High-Security platforms, Interactive®+, MT5®/MT5®+ and CLIQ®, for the protection of your valuables

Reliable and Functional — with worldwide coverage

Saves Cost and Time — by eliminating the need for physical monitoring of remote locations

WatchLock® Features

Get Alerted — know when and where activity has occurred with alerts that let you know information such as: 

  • Opened and closed
  • Moves in or out of a defined geographical area
  • Runs low on batteries or when the battery is replaced

Embedded GPS Capabilities — informing you where your WatchLock is

Cellular Technology — that communicates WatchLock’s status to your mobile phone or via the Internet

Battery Operated — makes Watchlock completely autonomous and simple to install and use

Robust Design — built for outdoor use, and extreme conditions, WatchLock is based on Mul-T-Lock’s High-Security C padlock

Access Control — by combining WatchLock and CLIQ® technology you’ll gain remote key authorization control with features such as:

  • Remote authorization updates
  • Time-based authorizations 
  • Revalidation
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