50 Pounds of Packing Paper

  • Wrapping Paper
  • 50lbs
  • Wrap up dishes and fragile items in clean thin paper
  • Approx 1000 Sheets
  • Size varies between 24-28 Inches wide x 30-36 Inches Long

50 Pounds of Moving Paper

    You can never have too much packing paper for moving, but especially when you hold the record for “Most Unicorns Collected!” Since you can remember, you have been enamored with this fantasy creature, and started collecting as a very young girl. By the time you were 12, your entire room was overtaken by glass figurines, and every square inch of wall in posters and prints of your favorite animal. When the collection started moving into the main living space of your childhood home, your mother put her foot down…no unicorns in the family room! From then until you moved out on your own, your collection sat in boxes, wrapped in packing paper in the attic. It’s been seven years since moving into your own place, and now, another move is in order to make room for the massive assortment you have displayed. Since you have become the small-town “museum,” giving local business a boost in commerce, members of the city planning board decide to donate the old theater building to you to open as an official tourist attraction. It’s an exciting day when town-folk gather to help in the packing and moving of your mixed bag of horned-horses! Long tables are set up outside with dusting cloths and wrapping paper, and moving boxes align the sidewalk for volunteers to fill. The process goes surprisingly quick, and after just five hours, your home is left with bare walls, open surfaces, minimal furnishings and the affixed appliances that came with the home. Seems empty and lonely without your glass and stuffed friends, but a nice change to spin in circles in the middle of your living room without the fear of knocking something over! Hundreds of moving boxes, big and small, are transported to the theater lobby, and the much longer process of unpacking begins. Display cabinets are filled, shelves are lined and walls are filled with unicorns of every shape and size. The space is adequate, and there is room for growth…which means your collection won’t end here! Thanks to the support of everyone in your life, who has appreciated your love for unicorns, you have taken the dream one step further, and will forever be known as “The Unicorn Lady!”

More Information
UPC 741360977327
Excellent for crumbling up and adding volume to your package
Can be placed in between glassware to prevent scratches
Go green! This product is made from recycled materials and is biodegradable
Thickness of the sheet varies and can be utilized for different forms of packing
Great for keeping valued china and glassware clear of dust and dirt
Package size 25 x 12 x 10
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