Furniture Paper Pads (50 Pack)

  • Furniture Paper Pads with Triple Layer Lining
  • Set of 50 Pads per bundle, its full size measuring 60" x 72", fabricated with recycled materials 
  • Paper Pads are ideal for protecting most furniture, framed pictures, lamps, and various small appliances
  • Layer the pads between the floor surface and large object  to keep your floor  dust, dirt, and scratch-free
  • Cushioning your possessions when moving or storing to preserve them so they're clean and secure
  • These multipurpose and reusable furniture paper pads effortlessly warp around your items for protection 

Paper Moving Pads

You’ve been waiting for seven years, and finally it’s time to move from a small house to a big house. Your family has grown times four since you first moved in and your livable space has decreased by four! Toys spill over from one room to the next, laundry piles from the basement to the upstairs. Exercise equipment collects dust and shelves random items, while baby apparatuses are stored under tables and in every corner of the main floor. Every closet is stuffed to the brim, the garage is packed top to bottom with bikes, trikes, cars and trucks, and the basement looks like a mountain of plastic tubs with no rhyme or reason to their organization. As if your crowded space wasn’t feeling small enough, your 80-pound dog pushes through the narrow doorways and swipes items off end tables with her hyper tail! You simply can’t wait to start packing and moving into the new house that will solve all your tight-space quandaries. As you begin to pack, you quickly realize what a talented packrat you’ve become! Pulling items off shelving and out of cabinets to sort into categories of “keep,” “sell,” or “donate,” you discover many forgotten treasures. Resisting the temptation of moving old items to the new house, you discipline yourself to add quickly to the “sell” and “donate” piles. After tackling each room, you begin the task of packing boxes. Instructing the kids to help carry these cardboard packages to designated areas in the yard, your neighbors grow very curious with the rising stacks of boxes marked for sale or donate. All these years you’ve been the neighborhood hub for children to gather…kids up and down the street have played with your kids’ toys, claiming to be the “best house on the block!” You’re sure to have a successful sale as the anticipation swells! While your hubby and kids man the rubbage outside, pulling in quite the crowd, you remain busy inside packing to move the remaining items to the new address. Armed with a tape gun, moving boxes, furniture paper pads and other moving supplies, you work your way around the house, wrapping fragile items, stuffing clothes and shoes, and filling boxes to their brims with everything that goes. Last step is to cover furniture with paper pads to protect their surfaces, and finally, you are done! Dusting your hands off, you look around the old house. It’s bare and empty, and shows signs of the wear and tear from your family…and you look forward to marking up walls and scuffing up floors again in the new house, knowing only then will you be home again!

More Information
UPC 810042155367
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Features / Information Protection and cushioning, recommended for furniture, Tape for a tight fit, Triple Layer, Eco-Friendly moving or storage
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 50.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 60.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Accurately protects furniture and other heavy items
Additional Information: Excellent for aid against dust and dirt
Additional Information: Capable of being stored for long periods of time
Additional Information: Color of paper is dull so it will blend into any setting
Additional Information: Pads will act as an armor for small scratches and dents
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