100 Pounds of Packing Paper

  • Professional Newsprint Paper with varying thickness for packing boxes
  • Colors of paper may vary with recycled paper including colored paper
  • Approximately measurements vary between 24-28 inches wide x 30-36" long each sheet
  • Bundle of 100 lbs for professional movers or for shipping e-commerce products
  • Approximately 2000 sheets per package for packing paper bulk purchase
  • Protect your glassware, ceramic, and chinaware with proper packing materials

100 Pounds of Packing Paper

Packing paper or newsprint Paper from uBoxes.com is the most economical packing tool for protecting glassware, dishes, small antiques and other small fragile items against friction and damages associated with packing of fragile objects.  Packing paper sheets are inexpensive substitute for small bubble rolls but you need to use them liberally to ensure it provide enough cushion. 

Packing with Newspaper or Packing Paper

Packing with newspaper or packing paper have been debated and often ended in same results.  Packing with newspaper doesn't cost as much as packing paper but unfortunately it comes with free ink all over your clothes, walls and everything they come in contact.  Ironically the same ink that comes out of newspaper so easily will stick to your hands and other objects sometimes hard to wash off.  So, the answer is obvious; for a clean and reliable packing your best bet is to use packing paper or newsprint and stay away from newspaper or any paper that has print and ink on it.

Packing Paper for Moving

Packing paper for moving or shipping of fragile objects is the most cost effective solution for the cushion needed to protect such items. Packing paper is like newspaper without print or ink.  This means no stain.  Order the packing paper along with all moving boxes and packing supplies before 3:00 pm for the same day shipping from one of uBoxes distributor centers nearest you.

Your oldest daughter is off to college next semester, and while going through her stuff you found the 16 ceramic bowls she made that one year at summer camp. You are looking for both a safe way to store all her treasured keepsakes and to move all of her new dorm decorations. It’s a harder task than it might seem (her dad is not light on his feet and she is concerned he might break one of her prized possessions). Luckily, you got online and found uBoxes’ 100 Pounds of Packing Paper! While you are sad about one of your birds leaving the nest, you could not be happier that you found an affordable way to send her off! You will just try to ignore the fact that she seems more than eager to start packing boxes and get out of the house. This packing paper is perfect for moving, shipping, and storing fragile items, and 100 pounds is more than enough for even the biggest of jobs (and more than you will be able to find going through your family members’ recycling bins!) Pack your moving boxes full of our newsprint paper and be assured that your breakables will be kept whole! For even more security, check out our other moving products. Find cheap moving products here – perfect for a college student’s budget!

More Information
UPC 810042159815
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Wood Pulp
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Recyclable and bio-degradable, Economical for packing, Lightweight, Reusable, Cushions and fills empty spaces
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 100.000000
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 30.000000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Box filler for cushioning items and securing items
Additional Information: Wrap fragile items in newsprint and secure ends with tape
Additional Information: Easily wrap dishes, art objects, knick-knacks and vases before placing in boxes
Additional Information: Packing paper is lightweight for shipping packages
Additional Information: Professional wholesale packing paper bundle used by Movers
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