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Room Labeling Tape - 3 Bedrooms

  • SmartMove Labeling Tape for Three Rooms
  • Includes 2" x 30 yards/roll with labels
  • (3) Bedroom (2) Kitchen (2) Bathroom (1) Living Room (1) Dining Room
  • Includes 2 Tape Dispenser and 2 Marker
  • Do Not Stick on Furniture, Permanent Adhesive
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3 Room Moving Tape

Get organized and make sure your moving experience runs smoothly when you utilize moving label tape. No longer must you stand there straining your sore and aching back muscles with that cumbersome, weighted box. You can know exactly where to deliver each package when arriving at your new home, and when you have marked each box with room identifying tape for moving boxes, you can even load the moving van in such a way that will allow you to reach the room’s items you would like to unpack first. Smart movers realize the importance to being organized, and you should make it a point to add this valuable but inexpensive moving label tape to your moving supplies today. 

This pre-labeled, moving tape comes in rolls of different colors. Not only will each box be labeled for a specific room, but you only have to see the color to recognize where that particular package should go inside your new home. The moving label tape identifies your bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. You do not have to fuss with messy markers that can smear and cause stains to your hands and your cherished furniture. When you use this tape for moving boxes as part of your packing supplies, you get rolls already boldly marked with each room. When you use this ingenious item, you do not have to take the time to write on each box. Instead, you can keep packing and simply place the pre-labeled sticker on the box. Eliminate time-wasting procedures that only prolong the moving process, and cut out confusion and uncertainty by knowing the exact contents to each box. If you make a small investment and include this item in your moving supplies, you will save yourself from wasting time and fretting over the placement of your items. 

Organization is important to a successful move. Include room labeling tape in your packing supplies today!

More Information
UPC 741360977181
Weight 2.0000
Brand uBoxes
COMPLETE MOVING SYSTEM- Includes 8 Labeling Tapes with contents, 2 Dispensers, 2 Markers, Helpful Hints and a FREE DOWNLOAD of our Content Sheets
EASY TO SEE: Labels are more than twice as big as those of competitors, and tape can be used on all sides of the box - visible to movers from any angle 50 feet away.
CONVENIENT TIME-SAVER: Moving tape and labels all in one product - save time on Labeling, Sealing, Unloading and Finding your items
MOST COST EFFECTIVE: Labeling Tapes save you from buying Labels, Tapes, Dispenser and Marker separately.
EASY TO USE: Colorful, striking tape tells movers where to place your boxes
Color Multicolor
Material Acrylic Adhesive
Size Short Room Tape Rolls
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 12 x 6 x 4