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Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies

I want to thank you for the quality and construction of these moving boxes. The customer rep was very helpful. I plan on ordering more moving boxes. I highly recommend your services to anyone who is planning a move. Again, Thank You!

John Strahan

Because has finally provided a Manufacturer Direct option to buy discount moving boxes, moving supplies, and moving kits you can save a lot of money!

I'm getting ready to order some more boxes right now and I'm recommending this site to all of my friends.

Lisa Phillip

Selling factory direct moving boxes is the reason we can offer you

Packing Boxes and Packing Supplies

new high quality at very low prices. We deliver over 100,000 boxes everyday. Plus we offer free shipping and delivery on all our packing boxes and packing supplies!

I am a researcher by nature, so when the need arose for moving supplies a few years ago, I spent several hours on the Internet comparing prices, shipping costs and quality. I decided upon UBoxes and was not disappointed. They have great prices for good quality moving boxes and their shipping costs are unbeatable. You may find other companies have lower prices but when you figure in the shipping costs, they exceed the cost of UBoxes prices. Also, great service and fast delivery. They are the company I continue to return to when I need these types of moving supplies, and I have recommended them to family and friends. Getting ready to place another order with them now!


S. Leathers

We stock dozens of different sizes of moving boxes and they are all strong, rated at least the industry standard 32 Edge Crush Test with a 200 lb Test Strength and packaged inside a protective reusable box. Whether you need small moving boxes for your books or canned goods, or large and extra large moving boxes for your light and bulky items like pillows, toys, and bedding, or if you just need a bunch of medium moving box bundles for the bulk of your moving uBoxes has it.

Additionally, we have several specialty boxes like Wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes, Kitchen boxes for your Dishes, and Mirror and Picture Boxes for your Wall items.

We also offer a complete line of moving kits for home, office and apartment moves. Each kit includes an assortment of moving boxes and moving supplies like bubble Rolls, packing tape, packing paper and more. As you look around you’ll see our moving kit packages are categorized by the number of rooms you’re moving. For example 1 room moving kits, 2 room moving kits, etc - all the way up to 10 room moving kits

I used UBoxes a few weeks ago to order some mirror boxes for my upcoming move. What I LOVE is the fact that I don't have to rush and try to figure out every single moving box I might need. No shipping costs makes it much easier to just order what you need now and come back later. They were the best price I could find online for what I needed, and the moving boxes were at my door in no time.

Lisa Phillips

Additionally, each room kit has three package choices – Standard Kits, Bigger Boxes Kit, and Wardrobe Kits.

If you would like to have more freedom in choosing your moving supplies then we have a full line of Packing supplies. Packing Paper, Packing Peanuts, Foam Wrap, and Bubble Rolls all help with your packing and are used on the inside of a package to help prevent damage during shipment.

Bubble Wrap comes in three different bubble sizes and two different lengths and is used to pad and cushion the contents of a box. Peanuts are used to fill in the empty space so that the box contents do not shift during transport. Newsprint paper can be used to fill void in boxes or protect your valuables from scratching and such. Finally, Foam wrap is primarily used to provide surface protection.


Uboxes shipped my moving supplies quickly and everything arrived without my having to pick it up—a big help!


Other moving supplies include Glass & Dish pack kits, Stretch Wrap, Packing Tape, and Dust Covers, and Moving blankets and Furniture pads.

Glass and Dish pack kits are cardboard dividers that are inserted into your moving boxes to make cells to store your glass and dishes. They come with foam sleeves to provide extra protection. Stretch Wrap comes in different sizes and lengths and is primarily used to secure your items once they are packed in your moving van. If you haven’t used stretch wrap for a move, you’re missing out on one of the most protective, easy to use moving supplies available today We carry standard size stretch wrap, as well as a large size for furniture and extra wide items that are not boxed.

If you need packing tape for you move, Uboxes has exactly what you need. We carry heavy duty tape guns and tape refill rolls. A packing tape dispenser is one of the most valuable supplies that can make moving easier on you. So you can choose from tape gun dispensers or clam dispensers to apply your tape.

I have been very satisfied with the moving supplies I have received from you. I have old pottery that I needed to wrap to move and the bubble wrap was perfect.

Debbie Shorb

Another must have moving supply are Dust Covers. The plastic covers are used to protect your mattresses, sofas, tables, chairs, and other furniture. Just slip on and you are done. Furniture pads are another way of protecting your furniture when moving. This is kind of like packing paper but larger and with multiple layers.

Finally, moving blankets are extremely important because it protects items once they are loaded into your moving truck. The blankets that we offer are the ones used by the professionals so they provide great protection.

In addition to offering great moving boxes and moving supplies the Uboxes website is loaded with great moving tips through the Pack Like the Pros Video Series. This video series are video clips ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes throughout the website with general and specific tips and instructions on how to get the most out of your moving and packing. Additionally, we have various tips, checklists, and articles throughout the website that you should find helpful. Who better to inform you about your moving boxes, supplies, and kits then the manufacturer!

It is so very important that your belongings arrive in the same condition that you packed them in. There is nothing more disheartening to buy a new home, pack up your stuff, and find out that your grandmother’s china broke. That really takes the fun out of your new home. On the other hand moving day can be a blast if after you arrive everything is safe and sound. In fact it’s almost like Christmas!

Some of the questions that we answer are: How do you know if a box is packed correctly without it even being open? What are the three types of protective moving supplies and when should they be used? How does the size of boxes affect the value a moving kit? And how do you know what to keep and what to pack?

Plus we’ll show you the correct way to pack dishes, glasses, pots, pans, appliances, lamps, mattresses and much more. Remember: Just look for the “Pack Like the Pros” video to get the most out of your move.

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