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Free moving boxes
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Free moving boxes

Find Free Moving Boxes & Packing Supplies

There are many different ways to find free used moving boxes, but Uboxes and their partners offer new moving boxes and packaging supplies with rebates toward free moving boxes. The unique program is offered by, the leader in the online sales of moving kits, moving boxes and supplies. If damaged infested used moving boxes is not your idea of saving money, then receiving rebates toward new FREE moving boxes and packing supplies is an unbeatable proposition waiting for you. The free moving boxes and packing supplies program is designed to offer the possibility of reimbursement for all your moving supplies expenses. Just imagine shopping for all your moving supplies from a reputable company and having a chance of getting back even more than what you have spent. This program was designed for our Customers at  Our Team came to recognize the emotional and financial stress of moving and found a solution to reduce the financial burden by offering a real program which could lead to free moving boxes, including specialty boxes such as TV Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes and related packing supplies.  Uboxes products range from moving kits, bubble wrap, packing tape to specialized products including moving blankets and china boxes. To simplify the program, has created a special page for Free Moving Boxes and Supplies Click Here:  (Free Moving Boxes). The instructions are very easy and take only a few minutes to complete the process:
  1. Purchase all your moving boxes, specialty boxes and packing supplies. Don't forget to browse through the selection of Moving Kits, which contain all the moving supplies for a specific number of rooms. This will take the guessing game out of how many moving boxes or what kind of packing supplies you will need based on the size of your home.
  2. After Checkout, Look at the Confirmation Page and check the box to receive your promo code.
  3. Shortly afterwards, You will receive an email with the promo-code to help you to receive your moving boxes and packing supplies rebates by choosing the companies of your choice.
  4. Hold on to your receipt and promo-code, as you are going to need them to get your rebates
  5. Browse through the list of the moving service providers and choose the companies you want to obtain quotes from for your move.
  6. Contact as many of the service providers as you need and inform them about your promo-code and be ready to send your Uboxes receipt.
  7. Each service provider is contributing different amounts towards your Free Moving Boxes and Supplies
  8. You can present and receive rebates listed on the Uboxes page from as many of the companies in Uboxes' list if you use their services
  9. Based on the number of services you use, the accumulative reimbursements could cover the cost of your moving boxes and packing supplies or even surpass your cost and leave you with extra savings above your Uboxes moving supplies expenses.
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