When faced with an energy-sapping, difficult, and time-consuming chore, such as kiting for a move, you will perhaps find yourself wishing for some miraculous way to make your work easier and faster. Any clever moving workhorse willing to help you finish the job in a faster and more effective manner will be more than welcome, believe you me, there is no doubt about it. However, there is no lack of clever packing techniques that can turn your relocation effort into an easy flying adventure. You just need to know what to go for.

You may be completely surprised by the great number of sharp ways to speed up and simplify the packing endeavor. One of the most effective workhorses of them all is, indeed, incredibly simple and easy to use luggage stretch warp. This common, less-costly material can make a big impact for your packing process and help you solve a number of moving related issues – from keeping loose valuables packed together to safeguard your furniture. Here is everything you need to know about using luggage stretch wrap for moving.

Why Use Stretch Wrap For Packing

Stretch wrap is one of the most useful and effective packing tools you can rely on when preparing your items to hit the highways. It is available, extremely flexible, and durable.

Stretch wrap can provide good protection to your valuables such as furniture etc, protect your items against clouds of dust and dirt, guide loose cords and wires, and keep furniture and doors closed and secured. It has no adhesive additive and sticks only to itself, so it will not leave a viscous residue or cause any other damage to the elegant surface of your furniture. Notwithstanding, stretch wrap is easy to apply and even easier to expel. It is also environmentally and Eco-friendly. Buy stretch warps now (click here) More so, this handy tool is quite cheap and readily available in varieties of sizes and gauges, so you can easily get the exact gauge and type of stretch wrap you need for your move. However, there are a few relevant things to consider before purchasing it:

65 Gauge or 80 Gauge: A higher gauge results in better protection, so you may want to use the 80 gauge wrap for fragile and larger possessions;

Blown or pre-stretched: Pre-stretched wrap is light weighted than normal stretch wrap and does not require as much energy when wrapping larger items. It is your companion when preparing furniture and other bulky pieces for transit;

Handle or no handle stretch warp: To apply the warp handles makes it easy. But the design, nonetheless, to an extent limits the width of the wrap, so it is difficult to use for bulkier items. A non-handled roll that is 18”-20” wide will be much handy when it comes to wrapping furniture parts, household electronics, and other heavier items. (Click here) to buy luggage stretch warp.

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