No Matter How Big Your Mattress is for Moving, We Have a Solution!

Mattress Moving Checklist
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No Matter How Big Your Mattress is for Moving, We Have a Solution!
If you’re looking to move and you want to take your mattress along, then the best way for you to do so is to ensure that it is packed appropriately and safely for transportation. This is where a mattress moving box will come in handy, a mattress moving box is a specialized moving box that is made to help accommodate your mattress, regardless of its weight, thickness, density and various other factors. To help with putting a mattress in a box, make sure to follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Make sure that your bedding is removed. This means that you should not forget to remove any comforters or bed sheets from your bed before you move it. Also, to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged, take the mattress out and ensure that it is completely dry. For good measure, just place it outside in contact with direct sunlight for a few hours.

Step 2:

Purchase a mattress box from Uboxes, first measure your bed width, length, and height. Remember that mattress boxes come in different sizes and types, so make sure to ask for one that is made of thick corrugated and which is measured to perfectly fit your mattress (you might want to take a measurement of your mattress for the request). This type of mattress boxes will be able to protect your mattress from dirt, dust, pests, moisture, and any other form of damage.

Step 3:

Mattresses should be thoroughly checked for any pests that may have landed and resided on the mattress. If the mattress is free of bugs place the mattress in the plastic bag and secure the ends with clear packing tape to make sure your mattress is protected from weather or bug intrusion while moving it to your new residence. Just for the sake of assurance, perform one last inspection on your mattress in order to check it for infestations. If it’s clear, then you can place it into the mattress box. Close the box carefully and ensure that there is no other part of the mattress that is left unprotected.

Step 4:

Make sure to exercise great caution whenever you’re taking your mattress out of your home and when you’re having it loaded into the moving truck. Mattresses are bulky, and this means they’ll be pretty heavy. Forearm forklift straps come in handy to maneuver bulky items. Place the straps under the mattress on each end and lift the mattress together as a team.

Step 5:

Ensure that your mattress bag and box is placed to the front of the truck along with other heavier objects. Use tie downs or rope to secure large furniture to the sides of the truck. It doesn’t matter how you position it inside the truck- sideways, upright, or flat- all you need to do is ensure that it is placed well and secured against any collisions and movements while in transit. Also, make sure not to place an item on top of it.  If storing for a length of time lay the mattress flat.
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