How to Pack For A Move

How to Pack For A Move
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How to Pack For A Move
For some individuals, moving can be one of the most distressing tasks they can ever do. But, with the help of proper ways on how to pack for a move, everything will end up successful and enjoyable. Moving can be one of the exciting events you can ever encounter since you will be starting the new chapters of your life to a new living environment. You have the chance to meet new people or find new career opportunities. So, before the much-awaited moving happens, make sure you already have the idea on how to pack for a move. Here’s how:


With the right moving supplies, you can turn a stressful task into enjoying ones. When packing your supplies, you will need particular supplies, including boxes, padding, blankets, and tape. Moving Boxes You can choose which Moving Box Kit or Box Bundles you would like to purchase or get them for free. If the free moving box is your thing, you can find discounts and offers from moving companies. Furniture Blankets To protect the edges of your furniture, you can use simple blankets that you can find at uBoxes moving supplies store. Thus, they can protect your items from scratches and other transport issues. Bubble Padding A bubble wrap is an excellent padding option to protect your corners or fragile furniture. Sometimes, towels, socks, or t-shirts can be alternatives before wrapping with moving blankets or plastic furniture covers. Clear Packing Tape For tape, the clear packing tape seems to be a significant choice in keeping the blankets, bubble cushion wrap or stretch wrap in place. After determining the needed supplies, you can pack your things from room to room, starting from the kitchen down to your bathroom. KITCHEN Weeks before your scheduled move, you need to consume your food in the refrigerator. Then, consider defrosting it at least 48 hours before the moving day. It is ideal to pack your dishes in a separate box from other items, such as glasses and silverware. Before putting them inside the box, make sure they are individually wrapped to prevent scratches and physical contact with other breakable items. Consider kitchen moving box with dividers and foam pouches for more expensive dishes. For small appliances, make sure to remove the sharp blades in bubble cushion and store them in the labeled moving boxes. DINING ROOM You can consider removing the leaves and legs of your tale or wrap the table, leaves, and legs using furniture moving pads. Also, you can cover your chairs with sheets. LIVING ROOM Make sure that your chairs and couches are handled with care. Buy plastic furniture covers to keep dirt and particles off the furniture while moving. Your electronic devices can be placed in their original packaging, if possible. Then, secure them with duct tape and fill in the open spaces with padding. BEDROOM For the spare bedrooms, you can break them down and put on the labeled boxes. You can use a plastic storage bag in storing your bed hardware. For clothing, regular boxes are fine while for hanging clothes, use wardrobe cartons. Make sure to place your jewelry in a safe container. BATHROOM Look for a handy box to place your makeup, bathroom towels, toiletries and more. This can help you to set your bathroom after moving to the new place. There you have it! Through these pointers on how to pack a move, everything will be on the right track.
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