On January 28th, it is National Bubble Appreciation Day. Over the years, we've become surprised over the various reasons our customers buy our bubble rolls. Whether it be insulating their greenhouse or new arts activities for the kids. We want you to give us your new way to use our bubble rolls, just write a review stating how you use bubble rolls for anything other than packing.

And if you're looking for ideas, here are a couple to try out:

  • Wrap the cup holder in your car with bubble cushion to keep your drinks the perfect temperature
  • Insulate potted plants to keep the soil warm for your plants
  • Line your greenhouse with bubble during winter months
  • Prevent blisters by cushioning broom or mop handles
  • Maintain your shoes and bags their original shape by sticking rolls of bubble inside
  • Line the bottom of your kitchen drawers with bubble sheets for easy cleanups and added cushioning for preventing bruised fruits
  • Avoid wrinkles by wire hangers by padding the wire hangers with bubble
  • If you're looking for a new paint pattern, use bubble a new brush
  • Pop the days away with a bubble calendar
  • Make your sleeping bag a little extra comfy with a layer(s) of bubble
  • Save time on defrosting by placing a sheet on your windshield and in the morning just dust it off and roll it up
  • Also, the most basic use of bubble: inexpensive stress relief