Organizing Your Office with Bulletin Boards and File Stack Boxes

Stackable File Boxes
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Organizing Your Office with Bulletin Boards and File Stack Boxes

Work And Home Office Bulletin Boards

From the workplace to home-office bulletin boards have become a very popular tool with anyone who is in a quest for an organized work environment. The use of the bulletin board is not a new discovery and has been around for decades but unlike many other tools which have become obsolete after the introduction of the computer, the bulletin boards have survived the digitalization of offices. Although the bulletin boards were initially designed for hanging bulletins and notifications it didn’t take long for these boards to house many items from notes and clipboards to project overlays and even family photos. Perhaps the reason for the popularity of bulletin boards is the ease of hanging different papers at eye level creating the best reminder or the messy-organized bulletin boards that better suits some people’s way of working. Whatever the reason, the bulletin boards are here to stay as a perfect tool with many uses from reminding chores and upcoming events to organizing projects and to-do list in the office or kitchen.

Bulletin Board Styles

The styles and designs of the bulletin boards have evolved from a simple thick paper board to more fancy bulletin boards with lockable aluminum frame boards with glass on the front with locks. The locked box-bulletin boards are used in many schools and government offices to detour removal or vandalism of important notices. The cork and dry-erase bulletin boards, on the other hand, are the most versatile boards that are broadly used both in offices and homes alike. offers a great selection of designer bulletin boards in an assortment of dynamic colors perfect for separating and color-coding different boards for different tasks. The assortment of colored bulletin boards includes orange, lemon, lime green, pink, grey, purple, black, and more. Buy one for the kitchen and one for the household communication center! Dry erase for grocery list on one side and pin recipes on the other half of the board.

Organizing with File Stack Boxes

Paperwork has a way of piling up when there is no one place to organize your files. These handy file stack boxes are sturdy filing cabinets and space-saving to organize paper clutter, patterns, or other craft materials. Perfect for the dorm room or kids' room to keep their goods handy and the room neat and tidy. Write in the boxes the contents of the stackable boxes for easy identification of contents. May be placed in storage when necessary for year-end taxes, important contracts, or the office filing system.

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