Picture Moving Boxes for Your Valuables

picture moving boxes
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Picture Moving Boxes for Your Valuables
Are you planning on relocating and need to find a way to protect your pictures, paintings, and mirrors to your new house? Buy flat pack cardboard picture moving boxes to transport your valuables at Uboxes. When relocating, there is a certain level of risk involved in moving all of your possessions. More so, pictures, paintings, and mirrors come with their own risks. You need to make sure that the pictures will not break if they are framed with glass and if they are canvas pieces, you need to shield them against ripping. Therefore, it is important to pack your pictures, paintings, and mirrors in quality picture moving boxes. Uboxes stock this picture packing box which has been expressly designed for the transportation of breakable mirrors, paintings, and pictures. Made from individual walled corrugated, these boxes offer great protection to your pictures and mirrors, certifying they will reach your new location safely. In order to fully guarantee your items are not broken in transit, we recommend guiding your pictures/mirrors in picture boxes. Picture boxes is one of the best protective packaging tools for moving as it is flexible, anti-static and will absorb any stress. The picture/mirror boxes are delivered plane packed to you but they can be easily sealed with some packing tape to secure the top and bottom flaps. Box Dimensions: 30" X 40" X 4" depth or 40" X 60" 4" depth. Not the right picture box for you? Why not check out the full range of cardboard picture packing boxes? Moving Boxes Uboxes At Uboxes, we have everything you need for the office or home relocation. We have varities of strong picture boxes in all shapes and sizes, to help make your move as flexible as possible. Are you looking for reliable, double walled picture frame boxes? Make sure that you are safely packing any breakable object. Our boxes have the ability to hold:
  • Picture Frame
  • Paintings
  • Mirrors
  • Small Flat Screens
  • Packing Boxes
These boxes are great for depositing fragile valuables during the moving process as they will not shift around in large packing boxes. The size of this box is satisfactory for many styles of fragile materials. All our packing boxes are an epitome of true quality. These boxes work marvelously to protect your flat items that can be easily damaged. Purchase high-quality picture boxes. A picture moving box is made from a strong double walled corrugated cardboard with an outer paper to ensure optimum protection. If your items are being transported to a far distance, then this type of plane-shaped box can be sealed with a tape for extra protection. If you are looking for a durable packing tape that will keep your boxes safe we have different kinds available to purchase alongside your boxes.  Don't forget the bubble cushioning! We understand that artwork and fragile materials require much a needed packaging due to its breakable and expensive nature. When investing in packaging boxes we would also suggest that you think about the factor of safety and reusing potentials. With Uboxes relocating becomes easy!
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