Larger Wardrobe Boxes (Bundle of 3)

  • Large wardrobe moving boxes for packing closets and room in the bottom to store accessories
  • Bundle of 3 closet moving boxes In a wardrobe box kit
  • Each wardrobe closet box measures 24" x 24" x 40" inch
  • * Metal bar shipped in the bottom of the box
  • Heavy-duty corrugated boxes 44 ECT with metal hanging bars for hanging clothes
  • Includes handle for sturdier carrying to the truck
  • *Our Wardrobe Boxes have 60% More Space than most of the Competition*
After Instant Rebate Special Price $52.36 Regular Price $61.60

Large Wardrobe Boxes

“Always a bridesmaid and never the bride.” This was your mantra for many years as you awaited your prince charming. You don’t live in the tallest tower in a faraway castle with talking animal friends and evil witches casting spells…rather, a 2-bedroom apartment in a small urban community, in the middle of the USA, Kansas to be exact. You live, work and play in Lawrence…home of the Kansas University Jayhawks, your Alma Mater. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Business, you stayed in the quaint little town to open a resale shop on Massachusetts Avenue - your favorite strip downtown. Over the years you’ve watched each of your sorority sisters marry off, as you stood with them in an array of both stylish and less-fashionable bridesmaids’ dresses. From Begonia Pink to Guava Red to Mermaid Green and everything in between, you have a closet flooded with a rainbow of 14 gowns. You have decided on your wedding day, each of those dresses will be worn by the bride who chose it…payback time! When you least expected your knight in shining armor to appear, in walks a tall, dark and handsome young man, looking for a good deal on a grandfather clock. Enamored with his glassy blue eyes, you stumble over a wrinkle in the Persian area rug beneath you, and fall directly into his strong, sun-kissed arms. Embarrassed, and red-cheeked, you step back, brushing your hair behind your ear and show him to the old chiming tower in the back corner. Exactly what he was looking for! To your sweet surprise, he asks for your number as he pays for his find, and you hand it back to him with his change. And, to your sweeter surprise, he calls you that night, asking for a date! The rest is fairytale history. He asks for your hand in marriage and just three short months you find yourself slipping into a Cinderella-style wedding gown in the dressing room of a beautiful old chapel on a hill overlooking your beloved city. From the little window, you see three large wardrobe boxes moving into the chapel. Excited to open these cardboard closets, you move to the door and await their entry. From your home to the church, 14 colorful dresses hang on a sturdy metal bar in three large wardrobe boxes. You smile in delight as each of your bridesmaids put on their dresses. The sea of hues reflect yours and your new husband’s colorful personalities, and best of all, you don’t have to hassle with moving dresses to your new home together!

More Information
UPC 810106510682
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Specialty
Type Moving Box
Features / Information Heavy Duty Double Wall Wardrobe Boxes, 44ECT Construction, Carrying Handles, Metal Bar For Hanging Clothes, RSC Style Box With Easy Assembly, Pack Clothes From Closet To Wardrobe
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 19.300000
Product Length 24.000000
Product Width 24.000000
Product Height 40.000000
Additional Information: The length of these boxes allows you to hang long dresses and skirts
Additional Information: Move clothing from the closets to the wardrobe boxes in minutes
Additional Information: Keep dry cleaned clothes clean and wrinkle free while moving
Additional Information: Easy to assemble wardrobe boxes may be used for seasonal storage
Additional Information: Box strength is excellent and can hold many items at one time
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