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Miracle File Boxes 12 Pack

  • Sturdy Office File Boxes
  • 12 Pack of Document File Boxes
  • Each box measures 15"x12"x10" with closing lid
  • Outer labeling for box contents
  • Easy to assemble
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Cardboard File Boxes for Moving

Any household can accumulate paperwork fast, but yours is five times the chopped trees when it comes to your triplets plus twins! You are a super-organized mom, though, and have been diligent with your filing systems as the kids have grown. Now, three seniors in high school and two in sixth grade, you have quite the archive of keepsakes, schoolwork, medical records, and photos. Stacked from Kindergarten and up for each child, are cardboard file boxes organized neatly in each category. So substantial that, an entire storage room in the basement is dedicated as the "file room." As papers come in, you sort, toss and file away papers each week in order to stay on top. From time to time, the kids enjoy pulling the cardboard file boxes off the shelves to look back on the prior years. You've made it easy for them to clean up after themselves, having labeled each of the cardboard file boxes in your best manuscript with black permanent ink. They know precisely what section, row and "seat" each of the portable file boxes must be returned. Having planned well ahead for the remaining years of school, you have several portable file storage boxes on hand... some already labeled and standing in line to take over when the last one is filled. As you've watched friends go through the last minute rush to prepare for graduation, thumbing through boxes and boxes of unorganized photos and memorabilia, you are relieved knowing how prepared you will be with these portable filing boxes. Just look for the photo section, row four and seat two and three for triplet #1, and there you will find photos from birth to present for one of three slideshows you are planning. Great job - you win our "Mom of the Year" award!!

More Information
UPC 741360976771
Weight 22.4000
Brand uBoxes
Double-walled on all four sides and the bottom, guaranteeing superior stacking strength
Three-inch tight fitting lid keeps documents where they belong
Specially designed file boxes instantly assemble in one step
Ideal for files and papers as well as other desk items
Ergonomic hand holes allow for effortless lifting and moving
Color Brown
Material Corrugated Cardboard
Size Letter File Boxes
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 23.5 x 8.25 x 29