Wardrobe Moving Boxes Kit #3

  • Kit Content comes packed with 36 Boxes, 3 Shorty Wardrobes, Supplies
  • 18 Small Moving Boxes 16 x 10 x 10" Corrugated Boxes
  • 18 Medium Moving Boxes 18 x 14 x 12" Single-wall Boxes
  • 3 Shorty Wardrobe Boxes 20 x 20 x 34"
  • 2" x 55 yards of Packing Tape
  • 1 ClamShell Dispenser
  • 12" x 24' of Bubble Roll
  • 3 lbs of Wrapping Paper
  • 1 Marker
After Instant Rebate Special Price $139.40 Regular Price $164.25

3-4 Room Wardrobe Moving Kit #3

“Always a bridesmaid, never the bride” was proving to be very true for you until you met your Prince Charming last summer. Finally, you have a ring on your finger and you’re making plans for your big day. You and Romeo have bought a sweet little home on Camelot Drive to start your new life together. First order of business is getting both of your 2-bedroom apartments moved into your 3-bedroom home. The biggest obstacles are your 23 bridesmaids’ dresses taking up two closets in your apartment! You can’t bear the thought of giving them away, so you decided to move them along with the rest of your wardrobe and belongings. Your fiancé was anxious to get started, so he ordered a box kit for the two of you to split – he took all the large boxes for packing his bulky scuba and camping gear…wetsuits, dive bags, air tanks, and snorkeling equipment…backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and outdoor folding chairs. You took the medium-sized boxes for your scrapbooking and photography supplies and the two wardrobe boxes for your collection of gowns.

The moving boxes and moving supplies included in the Wardrobe Kit were perfect! They were delivered quickly and the two of you got right to work. The two of you made quick work of packing more than 88 cubic square feet of stuff in the heavy-duty moving boxes, leaving only the essentials to survive until moving day. The bubble roll, packing paper, and packing tape were essential moving supplies to secure and seal your things, and the permanent markers made for an organized UN-pack. After the honeymoon, you settled right into your new home…and lived happily ever after!

More Information
UPC 810106510293
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Brown
Material Cardboard
Style Rectangle
Product Type Moving Box
Features / Highlights Wardrobe moving boxes 44ECT double-wall construction, Easy-carry handles, An assortment of moving boxes and supplies, Easy moving kit assembly with regular slotted box style, boxes are constructed of 32ECT, 65lbs weight limits
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 51.000000
Product Length 27.000000
Product Width 18.000000
Product Height 35.750000
Additional Information: If you're a DIY mover and thinking about buying moving boxes for your own personal move, you can purchase 32 ECT 200# weight test boxes like the moving professionals and provide you with the safety you'll need for your household goods
Additional Information: One of the leading cause of damages is breakage when boxes are stacked. Be sure to look for the stamp on the boxes 32 ECT 200# test weight for moving
Additional Information: Take an inventory of your home for all specialty products such as Flat Screen TV, Mirrors, Pictures, China, and Lamps. Don't forget the closets for expensive clothes and dry cleaning bills. Consider wardrobe boxes to take designer clothes from the close
Additional Information: The large bubble cushioning size is ideal for filling spaces in moving boxes
Additional Information: A perfect solution for packing and moving clothes, sheets, shoes, pillows and other large household items during the move
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