Colored Bubble

  1. Color: Green Bubble Size: 3/16"
    As low as $12.00

  2. Color: Red Bubble Size: 3/16"
    As low as $12.00

  3. Color: Blue Bubble Size: 3/16"
    As low as $12.00

Colored Bubble Cushioning Wrap

Colored Bubble comes in three different colors red, blue, and green. When you need a little fancier packaging to consider the colored bubble cushioning wrap for the holidays, birthdays, or it's a boy gift! Wouldn't the pretty red bubble cushion look nice wrapped around roses for a birthday or a nice bouquet of flowers for St Patty's Day set off in green? The blue cushioning bubble would be nice for wrapping seaside décor or your grandson's newest Xbox game. Colored packaging solutions just add that extra special touch of thoughtfulness rather than plain corrugated boxes or kraft envelopes. The colored bubble is flexible and wraps easily around any shaped surface. Once the object is wrapped secure with tape and if you desire a more decorated package tie with a color-coordinated ribbon or place a pretty bow on the colored wrap.

Protect Gifts with Colored Bubble Cushioning

Bubble cushioning wrap has a special purpose of protecting fragile items from breaking. When wrapped properly with bubble cushioning in a protected box or envelope depending on the contents it helps your items arrive safely. The color of the bubble is a visual impact which can make your gifts look that much extra special. It shows you put some thought into the wrappings of the gift prior to shipment. You could have just used clear bubble cushioning wrap but you chose to color coordinate the gift or occasion with a colored bubble.

Red Bubble Cushioning Wrap for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a special day to recognize a loved one. Why not choose red bubble cushioning wrap to get your gift safely to a loved one. Whether you send a bouquet of Flowers, homemade spa products, artwork or any other delicate item on Valentine's Day remember to wrap your gift in red bubble cushioning wrap to make your gift remembered not only the contents but how the gift was wrapped.

Homemade Skin Care Products Bubble Cushioning Shipment

Bubble cushioning is useful for homemade skin care business packaging. When shipping homemade skin care use lightweight bubble to protect the bottles, soaps, and other fragile packaging. Use twine, ribbon, or raffia to tie the bubble packaging to its contents. Brand with your very own logo sticker and you have an inexpensive packaging solution that your clients will feel pampered.