Large Bubble Rolls

  1. 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 15 Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble Roll

  2. 12" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 65 Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble.

  3. 48" Wide, Perforated every 12" inches, 65' Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble

  4. 24" Wide, Perforated every 12 inches, 65 Feet long, and 1/2" Large Bubble


Moving Supplies: Large Bubble Rolls

Packing carefully is very important when moving. When gathering your moving supplies, you should consider the size and delicacy of whatever you need to pack. This will determine which size packing supplies you need to purchase. Be sure to get high-quality bubble rolls to ensure your possessions are well protected. You will definitely need large bubble wrap to fill empty spaces to keep items from shifting while being transported.

Start your packing early so that you don't get overwhelmed. Pack only one room at a time before changing to the next. Select sturdy packing boxes in various sizes that you reinforce on the bottom and corners with duct tape. Prepare these boxes to absorb the shock of any bumping or dropping by lining them with medium bubble rolls. You will need an ample amount of cheap bubble rolls to fill any voids, as the boxes should be tightly packed before they are closed and labeled. Using large bubble rolls will minimize breakage and lighten the weight of each box to make it easier to maneuver. Use a permanent pen to mark each box with the room where it should go.

Begin in one room by wrapping the smallest items that will be needed last. Small bubble rolls have tiny air chambers for protecting these items best. Use bubble pouches or bubble bags for the more delicate items, like figurines or glassware. Place these on top of larger, heavier items when you put them into the boxes. Remember to use plenty of large bubble rolls for filling any spaces around them.
Once the smaller items are wrapped with moving bubble wrap and marked, continue with larger items. Select medium bubble rolls for wrapping items like picture frames and mirrors and surround them with large bubble rolls to lessen movement in their boxes.

When moving filled boxes around, both you and the movers will appreciate that the boxes have been lightened by the large bubble rolls you’ve used within them. Purchase large bubble wrap today and make your move easier!