Deluxe Blankets 65lbs/doz (2 Pack)

  • Qty: Set of 2
  • Size: 72"" x 80" 
  • Color: Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
  • Blanket Weight: 5.42 LBS
  • Dozen Weight: 65 LBS

Deluxe Moving Blankets 65# 2 Pack

After ten years of wear and tear on your dining room table, and five kids later, you and your husband have finally decided to replace the old, scratched up, dented, scribbled on, stained and scuffed piece of furniture. You hit your favorite furniture warehouse (sans kids) and score an amazing deal on a new dining room set, with enough seating for all seven of you! A week later the beautiful mahogany-stained table with richly-upholstered Queen Anne chairs were delivered and placed in the center of your dining room under the vintage Buckingham Tiffany chandelier. It was like a picture out of a magazine. And then, school was out. Quickly you taped off the entries to the room telling the children it was a “no-kid zone,” and for days, the table and chairs sat untouched. “How is this practical?” your husband asked. Though you deeply admired the scene in passing by each time, you finally came to the conclusion that your family would be better suited to actually use the table. That is when the light bulb went off…a glass top to cover the untouched wood! You found your way to a local door and window shop with measurements in hand, ordered a piece of heavy-duty glass, cut to size. It was to be ready in ten days…perfect timing to find heavyweight moving blankets to protect your great idea in the transfer from shop to home.

Impressed with the low cost options on moving boxes, moving supplies and free shipping at, you snag the Deluxe Moving Blankets 2-pack. Three days later, your heavy moving blankets arrived and you awaited the phone call from the glass shop. To your delight, the tabletop was completed early, so you and the hubby jumped in the truck and scooted over to haul the glass back home. Wrapping and moving the glass was easy, thanks to your smart purchase. Now, you welcome fingerprints and projects…how brilliant you are!

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