Full Mattress Cover - 2 Pk

  • Full-Size Plastic Mattress Cover for a full-sized bed 
  • Dimensions: 54 x 12 x 90 inch fits a standard size full or double mattress
  • Sturdy 2 mil thick polyethylene material that keeps objects from puncturing or tearing the cover
  • Avoid dust, dirt, and rough weather elements by using a plastic mattress cover with vent holes 
  • Pack of 2 will pack both the mattress and boxspring. Purchase our mattress boxes for extra protection and  coverage
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Full Mattress Cover - 2 PK

You are moving to a new home, and you are wondering what way can you protect your mattress from damage. For items you can put in a moving box or things that are too big, such as a mattress, one of the best ways to protect them is the use of plastic stretch wrap or a mattress cover. It provides an excellent alternative in protecting your mattress from dust, dirt, stains, and anything else that can damage it.

There are excellent benefits to the use of a full mattress cover. Being a full cover, it completely protects your mattress from anything that can harm it's material. As it wraps around the whole mattress, you don’t need to worry about unprotected parts of the bed. When you use the cover, it sticks to itself and offers maximum protection during your move.

Full-Size Mattress Cover

This mattress cover is a full-sized one, which means it wraps itself around the whole mattress according to the measurements without issue. With a full-size mattress cover in your moving supplies, you can have a practical tool to help you with a smooth, less stressful moving process. This full-size mattress cover will help you have a peace of mind during moving your household, knowing your mattress is well protected from any damage.


The dimensions of this plastic bed cover for moving are 54 x 12 x 90”. It is a large mattress cover that will cover various sizes of mattresses. It is one of the best bed covers for moving, capable of protecting a large bed from dust and dirt during storage, which keeps it free from stains between moves. It makes it an excellent addition to your packing supplies.

Polyethylene Material

One of the most significant advantages of this plastic bed cover for moving is its durability, and it is thanks to being made of polyethylene material. This mattress cover is highly durable, capable of withstanding any possible damage it can sustain during transportation from one place to another when handled properly. Due to that durability as well, you can expect that you can still use the plastic cover for other uses after the move. Repurpose mattress covers for renovation projects, closing residence for the winter or summer, painting, or for art projects drop cloth.

2-Mil Thickness

This plastic bed cover for moving has just enough thickness for plenty of applications. It is 2-mil thick, which ensures your mattress or any bag of items will be protected with an excellent cover. Its thickness ensures you can use it for other purposes after using it for moving your house. The width ensures your mattress is fully protected and that it is possible to use for storage.

Pack of 2

This plastic bed cover includes 2 pieces of plastic covers. It means that buying this pack will allow protecting 2 mattresses from damage during transportation. Additionally, it means you can save on costs as then you will only need a few packs of this plastic bed covers for moving in your supplies.  With just a few of these in your moving supplies, you are all set for your move.


You can use this pack of 2 plastic bed covers for many uses.  Those uses include:

  • Sealing using tape for long-term or short-term use
  • Protecting mattress and other belongings from insects and mites
  • Preventing old smells by storing the mattress with a poly bag
  • Avoiding smudges and stains when moving home
More Information
UPC 810042152540
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 1.600000
Product Length 90.000000
Product Width 54.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: One bag will protect either a mattress or a box spring
Additional Information: Seal with tape for short term or long term use
Additional Information: Prevent old smells by storing with a poly bag
Additional Information: Avoid stains and smudges when moving between homes
Additional Information: Protect from mites and insects while transporting to your new home
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