Extra Performance Blankets 75lbs/doz (2 Pack)

  • Extra Performance Moving Blankets
  • 75lbs/doz  6.25lb/each heavier weight for better protection
  • Size: 72 x 80 inches to cover larger objects or surfaces
  • Color: Black with edging and stitching. Color may vary upon availability at the time of manufacture
  • Set of 2 handy moving blankets for projects around the home, garage, and automotive

Deciding Which Moving Furniture Blankets Are Perfect for You

Safeguarding your furniture is one of the vital things which you’re going to have to perform every time you are moving. You might get away with an affordable moving furniture blanket if you’re moving a few blocks only. However, a cross-country move will need getting something thicker to manage all the heavy lifting of your furniture throughout your trip.

Two Types of Moving Furniture Blanket to Choose

If you’re going to move, you will be presented with two different types of moving blankets: the quilted and the plain. These two have its own purpose. The quilted moving furniture blanket delivers much protection. In contrast, if you have many objects to pack, you might be able to get away with a larger combination of textile blankets. But buying some quilted to be sure would still not be a bad thought.

  • Styles

These styles of moving blankets come in different color, which is really not an issue unless you plan to utilize the blanket after your move. Unless you prefer to employ them for something around your home or you want to include them to your camping gear, there’s no need to waste additional money per blanket to have your much-loved color.

  • Construction

The next difference in moving furniture blanket is the material they’re made of. Mostly, they come in either cotton or a poly blend. That is also one decision you need to take into account. In case you didn’t know yet, the poly blend moving furniture blankets will often have a unique smell to them. They might be a bit harder to clean. Meanwhile, the cotton moving pads don’t have this and will clean up reasonably simple in your washing machine.

While there are other things to consider, you need to keep in mind that the sole purpose of moving furniture blanket is to safeguard your furniture and other belongings. You just need to find the ones which fit your requirements and which one can safeguard your objects on the big day. If you can make use of them after the move, all the better. Still, preserving your things is your first priority.

In the end, you will be faced with the need to move. The most significant thing throughout this process is to ensure everything is safeguarded. To do that, you will need a high-quality moving furniture blanket from UBOXES! Take the time to pack the truck upright to ensure that your property stays where it’s planned to and that your moving blankets stay on while you’re in transit.

Moving furniture blankets from Uboxes are an excellent option as they come in different levels. Our Extra Performance Blankets is made from high-quality materials and can go into the garage or basement for the next project. You’ll also discover that you can make other uses out of these to make your purchase worth your while.

When your moving day arrives, one way to make it better is by using our quilted moving blankets. Available for sale, they’re an affordable investment that will offer you comfort and peace of mind during the big day.  

More Information
UPC 810106510088
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Black
Material Cotton/Poly Blend
Features / Information Professional moving blankets, 75# per Dozen, Moving and Storage, Quilted Blanket, Poly Cotton, 6.26lbs each, Quilted Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 13.200000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Wrap around unusual shaped items as cushioning during a move
Additional Information: Safeguard your delicate items from damage such as dents and scrapes
Additional Information: Use for other extracurricular activities around the house, such as painting and repair
Additional Information: Cover the floor from damage from moving furniture and painting
Additional Information: Blankets have extra fillers to cushion any item
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