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Moving Supplies: Foam Wrap

Ever wonder how you are going to pack and protect electronics, small appliances or other fragile items. There are several moving supplies that are nice, but foam wrap and foam sheets are essential in your packing and moving process. The foam sheets holds items securely in place and provides excellent protection for glassware, dishware, figurines as well as other valuables. Foam wrap and sheets also provides an added layer of cushioning, good thermal insulation, and allow for stacking of plates and dishes. Foam packing sheets are also lightweight and easy to handle.

Foam wrap is one of the most flexible protective packaging materials available because it conforms to any shape. With these foam rolls you are able to cut them to suit your packing needs. Foam wrap provides an excellent source of cushioning, shock absorption, and protect against scratching of valuable items. Additionally, foam packing sheets also keep the dust off of your dishes and is reusable and/or can be recycled.

Foam wrap is strong enough to protect heavy items like furniture, yet gentle enough to protect fragile china, glass, computers and consumer electronics from knocks, shocks, scratches and abrasions. Foam is also a popular form of packaging because it can be made into foam pouches by folding the foam over and taping the sides together. Foam packing sheets can also be used as an underlay for laminate flooring when you are done moving.

Foam packing sheets create an additional layer of protection when you wrap it around individual items. When packing glass or other fragile items, use foam wrap to keep items from hitting one another and causing damage. You can wrap small breakable items, computer monitors or television screens to protect them during a move.

Foam packing sheets are available in 12" X 12" sheets. Foam sheets do not slide against or scratch your items. Foam sheets are great to pack china and to use in between other glassware to keep from chipping and breaking during your move.

Foam wrap rolls and packing foam sheets are essential to packing a kitchen and work great along side other moving supplies like packing paper and packing peanuts to help make you move easier.

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