Foam Pouches (25 Pack) 9-1/8" x 9-3/4"

  • 9 1/8"x 9 3/4" Foam Wrap Bowl Pouches 1/16" Thickness Protect Dishes and Fragile Items while Moving
  • Pack of 25 Foam pouches for dish protection
  • The lightweight foam will not add weight to the boxes
  • The material is non-abrasive not to scratch your fragile china or glassware
  • Make use for holiday storage of fine tableware
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Foam Pouches for Dishes – How to Secure Your Precious Dishware

When your dishes and glassware are manufactured or transported from one place to another, your items can be managed by various people in some multiple environments. That can denote that the product can be prone to stresses like static electricity, impact, or vibrations. A lot of parts which are utilized today are fragile and aren’t designed to handle the stresses which transportation can put on materials.

That’s the main reason why foam pouches for dishes is an absolute must for making sure your item is transported to its location intact and on time.

When Do You Need Foam Pouches for Dishes?

There are a lot of various situations where foam pouches for dishes are used to protect fragile items. In case you didn’t know yet, the foam is a perfect material to utilize as it’s excellent at absorbing any impact. That denotes you can count on your items arriving without any damage from moving stresses like road vibrations and impact. Moreover, the foam is lightweight that lessens moving costs. These can be designed with a series of the various specification to serve the needs and wants of a customer.

The Effective Use of Foam Pouches for Dishes

A foam pouch is a foam product which is utilized for moving or shipping items like dishes. Foam pouches are handy as they can present the benefits which foam offers while delivering the convenience of a bag which is easily packed and sealed. Foam pouches for dishes are handy when moving or shipping items. They can even be insulated from hazards like static electricity. In some cold environments., you can see insulated pouches that protect against extreme temperatures.

A lot of stores only carry one type of foam pouch for dishes. That denotes you’re limited to one or two thickness of the foam and a few dimensions only. Indeed, everybody has various needs for shipping, and a one-size-fits-all method is not going to provide the solution which they need. UBOXES can also produce pouches which provide optimum protection in 9 1/8 inches x 9 ¾ inches foam pouches. You can use our packing material to safeguard your delicate dishware from scratches or damage.

Polyurethane foam pouches for dishes are durable and provide excellent protection. They’re lightweight that helps lowering shipping expenses. However, they are durable as well to avoid loss from damages.

Here at UBOXES, our foam pouches are flexible and thin enough so that your dishware can be packaged easily and rapidly. The foam can be equipped with a film on the pouch as well. It makes it even much stronger and enables items which have sharp edges to be stored. That’s what makes our pouch foam for dishes a perfect option for safeguarding fragile items during moving.

Buy from the Best Foam Pouches Provider!

Are you a company that specializes in dishware items? Perhaps you’re a homeowner planning to move to another location and searching for a good foam pouch for your dishes? There’s no need to worry, UBOXES has many moving products always in stock.

Use foam packing material to protect your fragile dishware from cracking or breaking. These 9 1/8"x 9 3/4" Foam Pouches for moving protect dishes and other fragile items while packing, moving, or storage.

More Information
UPC 810106516752
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color White
Material Polyethylene
Product Type Moving Supplies
Features / Highlights Protects fragile items, Shock absorbing, Moisture resistant, Pouch style, Non scratch
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 0.310000
Product Length 9.750000
Product Width 9.125000
Product Height 0.000000
Additional Information: Polyethylene Foam Pouches for protecting glass and china
Additional Information: Pack away delicate china plates with polyethylene foam pouches
Additional Information: Prevent scratching between plates and glasses with foam
Additional Information: Store holiday decorations safely and preserve memories
Additional Information: Ship your favorite mug with layer of foam protection
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