Moving Blankets / Pads

Top Selling Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets have been a popular moving tool for movers over the years and their functionality has prompted some insurance companies to include the use of the moving blankets as a condition to the policy. Moving blankets are offered in variety of size, color and makes but they are generally divided into three main categories: Moving Blankets, Textile Blankets, also known as Skins and finally paper

  1. - Size: 54" x 72"
    - Color: Grey
    - Weight: 1.66 lbs
    - Tensile Strength: 60lbs
    - Thickness: 3 mm
    - Material: Recycled fibers
    - Made in North America
    - No odor - Excellent quality
  2. Qty: Set of 12
    Size: 72" x 80"
    Color: Light Blue/Light Blue Non Woven
    Weight: 2.92lbs/Pad

    Light weight great economical solution for one time moves.

    *Color may vary contact us for details

Moving Blankets

You are finally ready to move out on your own, and the best way to take care of all of your belongings during the move is with some high-quality moving blankets and furniture pads. These wholesale moving blankets and furniture pads will make moving furniture a breeze! A moving blanket or packing blanket can be used to help protect your valuable items, and they also help to use space if necessary. The large majority of these blankets are 72" x 80". This makes them the perfect size to cover large and small items.

Textile blankets can be used for some of your heavier items that are more likely to be chipped during the moving process. These blankets are typically a great thing to use around wooden furniture. The unique textile design makes them durable and they are able to be slid around. There is also a large number of moving furniture pads that can be used to help you move more efficiently. These furniture pads vary in strength, and the pads need to be used to the proper weight specifications. The wide variety of different moving blankets all have a purpose, so use them accordingly.

Moving skins are typically very light weight and they will not allow you to really carry heavier items. They are the perfect way to protect your valuables though. You can keep your smaller items properly cared for and protect in boxes by using these skins.

Some other moving supplies that help with the moving process are great boxes. You will need a wide assortment of different sized moving boxes. You want to get boxes that are rugged and created from the best cardboard material available. Most types of corrugated boxes are the best choice. You can buy a moving blanket separately, or you can buy bulk blankets for a better price. If you have a large number of things to move, you may want to consider buying moving blankets in bulk.