Pro Blankets 35lbs/doz-12 Pack

  • uBoxes Pro Blankets 35lbs/doz-12 Pack
  • 1 Dozen moving and storage blankets that are the ideal furniture pads and measure 72" x 80"
  • Each moving pad is 2.92lbs, whose standard color is blue with black trim - Color may vary due to color available at the time of manufacture
  • Moving pads are multi-use and perfect to wrap and protect furniture from damage and may repurpose after the move
  • Professional moving blankets that are an excellent means of storage, renovation, and surface protection
  • Moving blankets that permit large objects to be easily slid across the floor with minimal exertion 

Professional Moving Blankets - A0075MU12

Do you need professional moving blankets to wrap and protect appliances, furniture, or bookcases? A0075MU12 – uBoxes Pro Economy Moving Blanket (12 Pack) is perfect for wrapping around fragile items preventing them from scratches and dents. It can cover wood surfaces that are at high risks of getting damaged while moving. Also, it can be used to cover the floor while painting or any outdoor activity.

The A0075MU12 Professional Moving Blanket Uses and Benefits

  • Soundproofing Moving Blankets

One of the best uses of professional moving blankets is for soundproofing a room. This is a cost-effective and practical solution if you want to create a recording studio at home. No wonder why so many vocalists and musicians are investing in A0075MU12 moving pads. When hung on the wall, these heavy pads can absorb sound waves and reduce echoes. While your home audio studio may not be the same as a professional recording studio, soundproofing the room with moving blankets can help to improve the acoustics of the room allowing you to record quality music and vocals at home. For increased sound protection look at heavier weight blankets.

  • Storage Protection

Just like moving to your new home, storing your furniture and other belongings can make them vulnerable to damages such as breaking and scratching. This is where moving blankets, also referred to as furniture blankets come in handy. These pads can protect your furniture while being transported to the storage facility while at the same time ensuring that they are stored free from moisture and dust.

  • Renovation Protection

Professional moving blankets can be used to protect your furniture and floor during a home renovation project. If you’re painting or renovating your kitchen, simply cover your furniture and floor with one or two blankets to protect them from spray over paint and dust.

  • Protects Your Car

Another great use of a moving blanket is to cover your car’s seat to protect the upholstery or in the trunk. This is necessary especially when you’re transporting something that can stain or spill as well as something dirty or dusty inside the trunk. It also protects your car’s upholstery from dog hair or getting scratched by your pet.

  • Pet Blanket

You can also use professional blankets to provide your pet with a snuggly bedding while traveling. The uBoxes Pro Economy moving blanket features a thick quilt that can provide enough cushion for your pet. Also, it can prevent pet’s hair from getting into your upholstery.

  • Moving Furniture

Finally, if you have heavy furniture and want to redecorate the house, moving them on hardwood floors can cause damage either on the furniture or the floor. Use these professional moving blankets as utility aids to easily slide the furniture across the room where you want to relocate inside the house.

The A0075MU12 professional moving blanket works excellent in many ways, Its thickness and durability can provide a good layer of protection for furniture as well as heavy and fragile items without adding the necessary bulk. Buy yours today and use it for your multiple moves. 

More Information
UPC 810042159037
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Blue
Material Cotton, Polyester
Product Type Moving Blanket
Features / Highlights Economical Moving Blankets, Quilted, Size 72"x80", 2.9 lbs per Blanket
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 36.000000
Product Length 72.000000
Product Width 80.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Wrap around fragile items to prevent dents and scratches
Additional Information: Wood surfaces that are more prone to receiving damage will be helped with blankets
Additional Information: Cover your floor while painting for any stray splatter of paint
Additional Information: Use at any outdoor activity for its durability
Additional Information: Use a pack of 12 to cover all of your items in storage
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