Textile Blankets / Skins (6 Pack)

  • Textile Moving Blankets produced with recycled cotton for single-time use
  • Quantity of 6 blankets convenient for moving homes, workshop and auto applications, or even just storage
  • Each blanket measures 54" x 72" and is designed with a considerable strength
  • Durable moving blankets whose textile color is grey with some mixed-colored fiber strands
  • Felt blankets that are quality made and priced at an economical cost 
  • The weight of each blanket is 1.7 lbs for lightwwight protection

6 Textile Moving Blankets 54x72" Professional Quality Quilted Fabric

Moving days will come and go -- some easier than others. Make your next big move as easy and enjoyable as possible by buying the right moving supplies ahead of time. Don't waste your hard-earned salary on cheap moving blankets that cannot deliver what they promise. Instead, purchase a set of six textile moving blankets and get an economical yet professional-quality blanket to protect your most important valuables and furniture.

Order your textile moving blankets today! You won't regret your decision when the day of the big move is upon you. These durable, strong, soft blankets are made with the first-time mover in mind!

These quilted textile blankets are 54 inches by 72 inches and are designed to give you a lot of blanket for an economical price. There are so many different ways you can use these blankets. Drape them over an entire couch to protect the fabric from dirt and dust conjured up as you move from your old house to your new house. Tuck them around home decor items with holes and corners -- such as a vase for a floor or a fabric-covered chair with removable cushions. Roll up an area rug in one of these textile blankets to keep the rug clean in the moving truck.

You can wrap your furniture with these blankets while they are still in your house, or you can load up your moving van and drape the blankets over the contents. Tuck the blankets around corners. Because they are so lightweight, they give the first-time mover extra flexibility.

When you are done with your move, then simply fold them up as you would traditional blankets and store them in a closet for the next furniture move in the future. You can use these textile blankets for years to come! Feel more confident and less on edge on your Moving Day by purchasing a set of six textile, professional-quality moving blankets. These large blankets are perfect for covering diverse furniture and meeting all of your top packing needs. You will be surprised by how many surfaces you will want to cover up when the time comes to move all your goods from your house to the moving van. Have several on hand so that you can protect surfaces quickly and efficiently. Make your Moving Day a success! Order your set of new textile blankets today! You will be glad you did!

Cheap Textile or Skins Moving Blankets

Is an economical solution for protecting furniture from scratches, nicks or dents.  Try our lightweight felt like moving blankets.  Adds some protection in case your furniture bumps against each other.  Great moving accessory for storage units to keep dust, dirt, and debris from building up on your goods.

More Information
UPC 810042154797
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Gray
Material Recycled Cotton
Features / Information Recycled Cotton, Size 54" x 72", Lightweight, Economical moving blanket, Wrap furniture or larger items, Secure with bands, rope, or tape
Country of Manufacture China
Weight 10.000000
Product Length 54.000000
Product Width 72.000000
Product Height 0.100000
Additional Information: Economical textile blankets used for DIY container or truck rental moves
Additional Information: Use to cover furniture, appliances, artwork, or larger sized objects during renovating
Additional Information: Use Nylon Rope to secure textile blankets and objects in place
Additional Information: Movers buy UBMOVE bulk wholesale textile blanket pack for moving season
Additional Information: Reuse after the move for home renovation projects, garage, automobile or pet bedding
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