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Room Labeling Tape - 2 Bedrooms

  • uBoxes SmartMove Labeling Packing Tape for Two Rooms
  • Includes 2" x 30 yards/roll with labels that are great for corrugated moving boxes
  • Comes packed with (2) Bedroom, (1) Living Room, (1) Kitchen, (2) Bathroom, Tape Dispenser, and 1 Marker
  • Do Not Stick on Furniture due to Permanent Adhesive layer 
  • Label moving boxes with packing tape and after your move be sure to unload by room for better organization
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Two Room Tape Kit

Moving to a new location often involves a lot of planning, packing, and organization that can be made easier by using a room tape kit. This can help to eliminate the confusion that can occur when more than one person is helping to transport boxes to the new place. For most people, moving supplies typically consist of some brown boxes and packing tape. They may even use a marker to label a few boxes, but this eventually gets old and messy. In the hectic process of moving, many people simply give up on trying to keep their boxes organized. However, doing so can lead to major chaos when the boxes arrive at the new home and no one knows where anything is supposed to go in the house. 

A simple solution to misplaced boxes is special packing tape that is labeled and colored so that everyone helping with the move knows exactly where to place each box. Instead of entering a new home to find a living room full of unidentified boxes, a mover can now look forward to helping each box find its way to the appropriate place in a new home. During a move, every little bit of extra time helps, and not having to waste time searching for necessary items will help to ensure that the move goes smoothly for everyone.

A two room tape kit contains rolls of packing tape that are color-coded for each room that a box will need to be placed. This allows movers to pack their items according to the appropriate room in a house. Two room tape also includes different colors for bedroom tape. This way, each family member can choose their own color so that their items will be directed towards their bedroom. The tape for moving boxes also has special labels for fragile items and ones that will be needed right away. By using packing tape to label moving boxes, a more effective and organized moving experience can be easily achieved.

More Information
UPC 741360977174
Weight 1.4000
Brand uBoxes
EASY TO USE: Colorful, striking tape tells movers where to place your boxes
EASY TO SEE: Labels are more than twice as big as those of competitors, and tape can be used on all sides of the box - visible to movers from any angle 50 feet away.
VERSATILE- Use as Tape or Labels for your Boxes, Storage Bins or Protected Furniture.
MOST COST EFFECTIVE: Labeling Tapes save you from buying Labels, Tapes, Dispenser and Marker separately.
Warning Permanent Adhesive: Never put Labeling Tapes on anything that can be harmed, especially furniture. If you want to label these items, be sure to use furniture blankets or shrink wrap and adhere the tape to them.
Color Multicolor
Material Acrylic Adhesive
Size Short Room Tape Rolls
Country of Manufacture United States
Package size 9.5 x 9.5 x 0.5