Twin Mattress Cover - 4 Pack 40x12x86"

  • A set of four UBMOVE twin plastic mattress covers for moving measure 40" x 12" x 86"
  • Clear twin mattress covers that are made of 2 Mil thick Polyethylene that has small holes to prevent moisture  
  • Will cover and protect 2 twin beds both mattress and boxsprings
  • Movers can buy bulk plastic mattress cover packs while DIY moves can choose smaller twin cover packages
  • Mattress moving boxes are also available and add extra protection to your mattresses during a move

Twin Mattress Covers for Moving – Keeping Your Twin Mattress Safe While on the Move

Mattresses come in lots of sizes. They can be full, queen, king, and twin. The size which is commonly utilized in the United States is the twin size. It’s typically found in the college rooms or dorms. It can also be found in homes which have small rooms. These mattresses are commonly used by a single person or children to sleep on.

Now, if you’re planning to move next month or for the next few weeks, you need an item which will safeguard your twin mattress throughout the move. The answer to this is buying a Twin Mattress Cover for moving from

If you’re thinking a move which composes of moving your mattress from location to another location, you need to consider a plan for how precisely you’re going to move it from one point to another without letting it become torn, ripped, scratched, wet, dirty or plain ruined in the whole process of the transport.

You see, the most thoughtless mistake you could make when moving your twin mattress would be to take your current twin mattress as is, set up it on top of your vehicle and rope it down and begin driving away. Did you know that’s a dangerous plan? Why? That’s because there are many things which could take place:

  • Free gravel from rocks, ice, snow, dirt, or potholes become moved from the road or other cars and hit your twin mattress, soiling or destroying it within the process.
  • The person driving beside you throwing a leftover drink from their car hydroplaning to the top and sides of your mattress.
  • It could begin snowing or raining suddenly, which causes your mattress to become wet, or worse yet, saturated and waterlogged to the point that your twin mattress isn’t longer functional.
  • The twin mattress can fall off the vehicle into the road and become dirty, damaged or ruined by approaching traffic.

While you could accept the jeopardy and you might get away with it, you cannot assure that you’ll be able to make the trip without some sort of accident. Worse yet, what if you need to move your twin mattress in extreme weather?

Why Buy Twin Mattress Covers for Moving?

Twin mattress covers for moving from uBoxes is an efficient method of ensuring your mattresses arrive undamaged. You see: the price you should pay to get one of these is slight compared to the price you might otherwise experience to repair, clean, or worse even change your twin mattress.

Our twin mattress covers for moving 4K can be kept for later reuse too and doesn’t need to be a one-time thing. Probably, you could even utilize it if you’re considering storing a twin mattress in storage for quite some time. Through covering your mattress in one of our Twin Mattress Cover from uBoxes, you’ll be able to protect it from the elements and lengthen its usable life.

As you now plan for your next move, do not forget to consider investing in a twin mattress covers for moving for your move! 

More Information
UPC 810042151857
Manufacturer uBoxes LLC
Color Clear
Material polyethylene
Features / Information Furniture protector, Polyethylene material, 2 Mil thickness
Country of Manufacture United States
Weight 1.000000
Product Length 86.000000
Product Width 40.000000
Product Height 12.000000
Additional Information: Plastic mattress bags are great to keep beds protected when closing up your home for the winter or summer months
Additional Information: Use plastic mattress bed covers for campers, RV, or underneath sleeping bags
Additional Information: Plastic mattress bags are cheap compared to a ruined mattress
Additional Information: Use for Dorm room mattresses when stored for summer breaks
Additional Information: Use during home renovation projects to avoid paint, dust, or spills getting on the mattress and box springs
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